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I Made 5 Changes In My Baby’s Night Routine – My Baby Sleeps Much Better Now!

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“My baby doesn’t sleep well!” As parents, many of us share this concern. I did too. But, guess what – I followed these 5 tips in my baby’s night routine, and she sleeps MUCH better now!

Most parents complain about how their babies do not sleep through the night or keep the household awake. Some babies are poor sleepers even when they turn into toddlers or pre-schoolers. I had my share of sleep problems with my daughter too. Then I made some small changes in my baby sleep-routine… and I never had to spend another sleepless night because of my daughter’s sleep problems!

5 Simple Ways To Tackle Sleep Concerns In Babies

1. I Made Sure She Was Well-Fed Before Bedtime

I took my daughter to the paediatrician when she turned 6-7 months old and had started solids. That’s when the doctor advised me to stop breastfeeding at night so that my baby could sleep through the night. Of course, like any new mom who couldn’t say no to a crying hungry baby, I overruled the wise doctor’s advice and kept on night feeding my daughter.

Result? I was at the end of my tether by the time she turned 11 months old. She would ask for my milk, almost every hour. She was never full.

I again took her to the doctor, who although wisely refrained from saying ‘I told you so’, advised me to feed my baby well before she slept, so that she didn’t wake up hungry in the night. Well, I followed the advice diligently this time, and really, as my daughter’s tummy was full, she stopped asking for the nightly feed. She slept better… which meant better sleep for me too!

2. I Stopped Feeding Liquids Just Before Bedtime

My daughter loved milk (still does!). I used to feed her dairy products three times: morning, evening and once just before she went off to sleep. However, the night milk made her want to pee, and she woke up. It was OK till she wore diapers, but as soon as I diaper-weaned her, I realized that I had to stop her bedtime milk so that she didn’t wet the bed. Not only did it work, it also made her get undisturbed sleep!

I soon realised that – it’s a good idea to stop giving your babies/kids any type of liquids post dinner, not just milk. It will help them get uninterrupted sleep in the night.

3. Afternoon Naps Are NOT For Every Child

Children till 3-4 years of age sleep in the afternoon. But, not all kids. My daughter stopped taking an afternoon nap even before she turned 3. Initially, it bothered me that she didn’t nap in the afternoon like other kids. So, I would try and coax her to sleep. But, I also noticed that on days she slept in the afternoon, she slept very late in the night. And, then a big drama ensued the following morning when it was time to wake up early for the school and she couldn’t.

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