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I’m a Working Mom and That’s Okay, Never Mind What Some People Think

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Initially, I worked for fewer hours, only when my daughter was having her morning and afternoon naps. Staying at home the entire duration of a difficult pregnancy and the first few months of baby made me realize how much I missed working, and the discipline it demanded.

And then it began. My experience of meeting various groups of people with allegations and opinions of various sorts:

#1: The people who asked me why I had to hire a nanny for my daughter since I was at home

When my baby turned one, I hired a full day help who looked after my daughter. It gave me the opportunity to work for longer hours, though I could supervise my daughter from time to time. But some people failed to see why this was necessary. As I was at home, I could do everything on my own, never mind that I worked!

If my decision to hire a nanny while I was also at home was so severely judged, I wondered how tough it would be for mothers who actually step out of their home leaving their baby behind. As if the guilt of leaving their baby was not enough, they had to undergo the trauma inflicted by the society, and in some cases, even friends and family.

#2: The people who asked me how much I earned

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