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I love my Period. Period.

Every other day I read someone or the other ranting about their period – ‘Period this, period that!’. It makes me wonder, what’s so wrong about the period? Why this angst against it? I started having my period at a very young age of 10 years. In fact, didn’t even know what it was then. There were times when I soiled my clothes as I didn’t remember it was my heavy flow day and that I need to change more often, or I played sports and didn’t realise I should tell my sports teacher about it.

My period never cramped my lifestyle, that was for sure. I played sports, went to all the events without once complaining. In my mother’s home, period life was normal too. I could enter the kitchen, touch the gas burner and even serve food to myself. The only thing she didn’t allow was to enter the temple. Well, it didn’t matter much. I was hardly a religious person. Also, I couldn’t wear white pants. That’s true! But, I didn’t own any, so that’s hardly here or there.

Of course, travelling was a bit bothersome as one needed to visit the washroom more often, and then find a convenient disposal procedure, which one often could not. So one had to carry the soiled remnants wrapped in a plastic bag either in the purse or one’s pocket. Eww! I know. Well, it was better than using a cloth.

Well, girls in India didn’t know of tampons in the 90s. For that matter, even today either they don’t know or they hardly use, because there’s a misconception that virgin girls cannot use tampons. Ha ha! And, menstrual cups. It was unheard of. It would have definitely made my childhood period more pleasant. No more worrying about soiled clothes, changing pads and oh, those horrible rashes! I can walk, swim (not that I do), run without a moment’s thought. There are times when I even forget I am menstruating. Thank God (I mean the man/woman or whoever who had the Eureka moment) for those extra comfy and super convenient pink silicon cups! I feel like one of those girls in the sanitary napkin commercials, who has to wear those white pants on her period day what come may, zipping around the whole day with a big, ear to ear smile enjoying her life.

I should own up that I love period and wait for it to come. Because those 3 days, I need not exercise and still not feel guilty about it. I can treat myself to chocolates and other mostly prohibited foods, because my body is losing something and hence needs more food (read junk) to re-gain that ‘something’. Wink, wink!!

Also, I feel very emotional in those days, and hence it’s perfectly alright for me to watch sappy romantic movies without explaining myself. What’s more! The words ‘I have cramps’ help me get out of almost anything. And, get a complete right to be tired at the end of the day, and demand of my hubby dearest to massage my legs or back, serve me food in the bed or pat our daughter to sleep. And if some feminist finds this in bad taste, well, what to say except, to each her own.

Seriously, I am sad when the period goes. I even miss it!!

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