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I Asked My Family’s Help With 4 Things Post Delivery, Without Any Shame


All through my pregnancy, I promised myself that I would take care of my baby single-handedly. I didn’t want intervention of anyone. I would be the mother and the primary caretaker of my baby. It was a great resolution, but, as I found out later, an unachievable one…

As soon as I delivered my baby, I realized I wasn’t as self-sufficient (or a superwoman) as I had imagined myself to be! In the initial few days after my delivery, I didn’t even know how to handle my newborn – how to clean her, to swaddle her, to feed her. I was at a total loss. All my good intentions of taking solo care of my baby flew right out of the window. I realized I needed help, and desperately so. Once I accepted this fact, and accepted that there was no shame in seeking help, it was much better for me (as well as the people around me).

And then I started asking my family to help me with things after delivery – without any shame.

I. Baby Minding

This was the first and the foremost need of mine. After waking up at odd hours in the night to feed and change the baby, I realized I felt exhausted during the day. And sleeping when the baby sleeps didn’t work for me. So, I decided to hand over the baby to my parents in law or other members in law who were more than willing to take care of the baby while I took the much needed nap.

I even expressed my milk and explained them how to feed the baby in case the baby was hungry. I also put a stack of clothes and nappies if baby needed changing (which she always did). This is how I caught up on my sleep or took out time to read books – and trust me, it really made a world of difference.

II. Cooking Interesting Foods

The whole 9 months of my pregnancy, I didn’t eat much, thanks to the morning sickness that stayed with me all the way to the labour room. So, after delivery, when my appetite came back with a gusto, I wanted to eat a variety of things. Of course, being in the confinement for the first 30 days, I got a very limited choice of foods (that too bland and unappealing). Hence, I would ask my hubby dearest to sneak in some spicy vada pavs, bhel and achaar.

Once the restriction on food was lifted, ….

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