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How to choose a good school for your child?

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There are a lot of things that give parents sleepless nights. And choosing a good school is definitely one of them. I have had my share of them when I was trying to seek admission for my daughter in the school of my choice. Here are my observations regarding choosing a good school for your child.

Choose a good school, not the board

There are so many boards namely IGCSE/IB, ICSE, CBSC and SSC to choose from. They are all good and thus it makes all the more difficult to pick one. People argue that international boards give your child global exposure, I say today’s children get more global exposure anyway through books, TV and the Internet. Remember, if the teaching is good, the board doesn’t matter.

Look for a strong school culture

I was fortunate enough to be able to secure admission for my child in the school of my choice. I thought it was all behind me. But apparently no. One of my friends announced to me, “You should look for another school next academic year.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because the old Principal has quit and has taken the team of her loyal good teachers along with her to another school. And the new Principal isn’t that good!” She tried to convince me. And that was the reason she was seeking admission for her child into the school where the old Principal along with her trusted teachers had landed.

Well, what if those same Principal and teachers again decide to up and leave that school? You can’t keep on changing schools forever. Good teachers are important but a strong school culture is more important. Remember, if the school has a strong foundation and culture, it will undoubtedly attract good teachers and impart quality education to its kids.

Don’t buckle under peer pressure

There are many schools and all of them good in their own right. People have the habit of criticising things even if they are good. The reason: perceptions differ.  If your friends and family pressurize you into securing admission for your child into a school you don’t like, then please don’t go for it. He/she is your child and you have the right to decide for his/her future.

The real deal breaker should be the school fees, proximity of the school to your house, etc. and not that your friend’s or relative’s child too studies in that school.

Networking depends upon your child

I had an interesting conversation with a friend a few days ago. He was of the opinion that studying in an ‘esteemed’ educational institution has its perks like it helps your child a lot to mingle with the children that can help him in future networking. By esteemed, he meant a school attended by children belonging to affluent families or whose parents have the right connections. Well, he may be right. It may be a shortcut. But history is witness to many entrepreneurs and leaders who have been school drop outs or have passed out from humble schools. Networking depends on your child; if he has the skill it will come on its own.

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So what was your criteria for choosing school for your child? Are you happy with your choice of school? Do drop in a word here!

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  1. I really loved it when you mentioned that a school with a strong sense of culture would be good for children. I am planning to enroll my son this school year and I want him to develop a sense of values and good EQ on top of academic know-how. I think only a school that is clear with its principles could and with teachers grounded on these virtues can offer that. I will keep this article bookmarked for reference.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Angel. And I am glad you liked the post. Yes, kids learn values not only at home, but at school too, hence it’s very important to choose a school with their values grounded.

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