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How can your child survive cold?

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There is nothing more heart-rending for a mother than to see her child sick. And still the reality is children do fall sick with an alarming alacrity. My daughter catches cold, every couple of months, which lasts for at least 7 days. Those days are a nightmare as she turns into a fussy eater, becomes cranky and has trouble sleeping because of the nasal and chest congestion. What to do? The first couple of times it happened, I rushed to the doctor only to be told there was nothing really I could do for treating the cold. The virus is not treatable; no vaccine/medicine yet invented for the common cold.

I was so furious, “Men will soon visit the Mars and yet we don’t have a remedy for common cold.” Well, my unimaginative thoughts didn’t get my problem solved. The doctor chose to ignore my little outburst and simply prescribed me saline drops and some cough syrup only to be administered in case the cough prevented the child from sleeping for more than a couple of nights.

But I was not satisfied with it. So I started my own treatment. It was quite effective. Now instead of administering allopathic medicines, I resort to simple natural remedy for cold and congestion. You can do too; it’s simple and absolutely free from side-effects.

  • Boil some water and add some ‘ajwain’ (carom seeds). Let it boil for 5-10 mins till the water reduces to half the quantity. Now strain the water and let it cool. Give this water to your infant/child in small quantities for a couple of times. Take note, this is potent and if given in high doses can lead to loose motion.
  • On a pan, dry roast ‘ajwain’. Put these hot seeds in a muslin cloth and tie it tight. Now rub this cloth over your infant’s chest and place it around his nostrils. This helps clear congestion.
  • This is my secret ‘magic potion’. Warm up a little water, add a pinch of turmeric and salt and 1 tsp ghee. This concoction soothes your child’s throat, pulls the mucus and throws it out of the body. Make your child drink this warm water a couple of times during the day; but see to it that she/he doesn’t eat/drink anything after this for at least half an hour.  I usually give this to her just before she goes to sleep. It works like a charm. This is wonderful for adults too.
  • If your child doesn’t like this salty water, there is another remedy too. Take some jaggary and put a pinch of turmeric in it. Now roll it into small balls and give it to your toddler. Your toddler will surely gobble up those sweet balls.
  • Children have a tough time sleeping during cold. As soon as they sleep then they wake up from coughing fits. Usually at such times, I give her a spoonful of honey. It soothes her throat and she goes to sleep. You can even give your child ‘talmisri’ which works in the same fashion.
  • And this is something that I do on regular basis; I give my daughter only tulsi water. It gradually helps in increasing immunity against all types of illnesses.

Try these kitchen remedies, but do remember, if the coughing doesn’t let your child sleep for 3 nights in a row, take him/her to a doctor.

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  1. smita

    very useful tips…

  2. Thank you Smita… 🙂

  3. Usha

    My 3rd month boy is suffering from cold p
    Please give me home remedy

    • Hello Usha, as such there is no remedy for cold. However, you can make your child comfortable by doing this. Dry roast some ajwain (carrom seeds) on tawa, put it in a muslin or cotton hanky, and rub it while it is still warm on his chest. It will help with the chest congestion. However, please take him to the doctor if the cold persists for more than 3 days or if your child is not able to sleep in the night. In extreme cases of cold or chest congestion, doctors suggest nebulizers; so please visit your doctor if the cold persists. Also, start with tulsi water once your child turns 6 months. It builds immunity and keeps him away from sickness.

    • Hope it helps your son. Take care!

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