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How to build your strength post-delivery?

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How to build your strength post-delivery?

The confinement period or the 30-40 days post-delivery is a period of mixed experiences. On one side, you will be pampered and fed and on the other side, your new born will keep you busy with her constant demands. I call this confinement period a rejuvenation treatment. Why treatment? Because it is a ritual that helps clean your system, helps in lactation and helps you get fit and strong. The foods that are fed are specially designed to build your strength post delivery.

I belong to a Marwari family that has been staying in Ahmedabad for a few generations now. Hence, my confinement ritual was influenced by both Marwari and Gujarati cultures.

  • Morning after the delivery, I was given dashmool kadha and I took it every day for the next 10 days. It’s a black, murky and bitter concoction that has specially chosen herbs that help in regaining the strength of the uterus after the delivery. It’s available in powder and liquid form. The liquid can be taken straight from the bottle while the powder, you need to boil in water, strain and then consume.
  • I used to drink cow’s milk twice a day. But remember, cow’s milk is full of allergens, so discontinue if it doesn’t suit you.
  • My meals used to be simple but laden with cow milk’s ghee. Ghee is believed to be pure, light to digest and full of benefits for a young mother. Only a few selected vegetables like bottle gourd (doodhi), ridge gourd (tauri), elephant foot yam (suran), pear gourd (parval) and Indian round gourd/apple gourd (tinda) are served. Greens like fenugreek (methi) and spinach (palak) can also be taken in abundance. Only split moong lentils is believed to be light enough for a new mother. All these above-mentioned foods are easy to digest and don’t create wind.
  • Generally spices are avoided. Only spices allowed are turmeric and cumin seeds. It’s believed that what a mother eats passes on to the new born via her milk. Hence, she should refrain from eating anything that could bother her baby as a new born’s digestive powers are not developed enough to digest Indian spices, oil and heavy to digest vegetables and pulses like potato, cauliflower, cabbage, rajmachhola etc.
  • Drink lots of water. But it will benefit you more if you also boil tulsi leaves, ginger and dill seeds in the water. These ingredients help in digestion, improve immunity and increase lactation.
  • I remember drinking Ganthoda water as well. It helps build strength. But I had soon discontinued it; it tasted weird.
  • There is another jadibooti or ayurvedic herb called Hirabol which is supposed to be helpful in preventing joint pains.

I may have left out a few points. If you know or remember any tips to help new mothers build their strength post delivery, do write to me. Your contribution will be greatly helpful and appreciated.


  1. vinod vaidya

    very useful tips please focus on “Hirabol” course and when do start n for how many long

  2. Hi Vinod, Hirabol looks like small pebbles/gaund but is basically a plant extract. If it’s a big stone, crush it into small pieces. After lunch and dinner, take a few crushed pieces of Hirabol and carefully wrap in jaggary and swallow it with water. There are Hirabol capsules available now. Take them as per the printed instructions. Hirabol is good for cold, cough, menstrual pains, vaginal/uterus infections, gum sores, menopause, sore throat, tooth ache etc.

    You can start next day after delivery and take it for at least 30-40 days.

  3. Jalaja

    Thank you whole heartily for your information
    Now I am 35yrs old expecting 2 child soon.
    But unfortunately I had to go through lot of pressure and stress at home which was unavoidable.
    Now as days are nearing I am more worried about my baby inside and as well my health.
    Since 3rd month of my pregnancy I was not able to eat drink properly. I am an independent more mother to take care of my first child who is just 2.3yrs old.
    Please suggest me if I could do some best things in another couple of months before my delivery.
    Waiting for you reply,
    Thanking you lot

  4. Dear Jalaja, first of all, let me congratulate you! Now let’s address your issue practically. A pregnant woman’s mental and physical health are very important for the baby in her womb. So please try to be happy. Try to sort out your personal problems as much as you can so that it doesn’t affect your health. Talk to your doctor if you can start practicing Yoga and Pranayama (they are excellent forms of exercise to keep you healthy and happy). Also, try to go for walks which will help in digestion and bloating. Start taking 1 tsp of ganthoda/peeprimool powder (you can easily get it at any ayurvedic shop/patanjali which is Baba Ramdev’s exclusive stores that sells ayurvedic/herbal things) with warm milk in your 9th month. It will give you strength. You can continue having this even after delivery. If you are suffering from acute morning sickness because of which you are not able to eat much, then remember most of this sickness occurs in late afternoons/evenings. So try to eat nutritious food for breakfast and afternoon or whenever your stomach allows you. Have fruits, soups, nuts and seeds in plenty. Drink lots of water. Listen to music that relaxes or calms you on YouTube. That’s what I used to do. Read books if that makes you happy. Take plenty of rest whenever your child is not around. Hope these tips are useful. Please write to me for any assistance. May strength be with you! Take care, dear!

  5. Vaja Pinal

    After c section I am suffering from back pain. 3rd month is running, I started physiotherapy but instead of relieve I got swelling back. Please give me any suggestion to cure back pain

    • Hello Vaja, that’s really unfortunate that you have to suffer a back pain. Sometimes back pain happens because of wrong sleeping position, from carrying the baby around too much, not taking sufficient rest and not exercising. Please, visit an orthopedic who will be able to guide you properly. There are certain Yoga postures with the help of which your back can become strong, but first you need to correct the pain before you start strengthening your back.

  6. Vaja Pinal

    How to cure back pain after c section

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