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How Baby Takes Over Your Life?

My husband and I are avid readers. So it was only expected that the first piece of furniture that we bought for our new house was a book shelf. Though it’s made of modest jungle wood and nothing fancy and expensive like teak wood, this brown-black polished book shelf is the pride of our home as well as our hearts. It’s always full of books (well, that’s what it was for), some bought, some gifted, some borrowed, and some (oops, I shouldn’t mention it but…what the heck!) not returned. All of them have some or the other memories attached. And normally we don’t part with our books. Even while lending to our friends and family, we make sure they will be well-cared for and will be eventually returned. Some double standard, haven’t we?

How baby takes over your life?

But now enters our two-year old who, though loves books for their pictures, hasn’t yet found her respect for them. So whenever she is tired of them or feels ignored if we are reading books or for no apparent earthly reason at all, she would tear a page or two. It was very vexing for us. We couldn’t allow this sacrilege. So we re-arranged the book shelf; emptied the lower shelves.

How baby takes over your life?

Now, her toys and dolls have shifted base to our beloved book shelf. As for those hapless books that had to be virtually pushed out, have found a new home in our daughter’s room, on her book shelf.

Do you feel too that your baby has taken over your life? Share with me how, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Totally! Lol! Our whole lounge is a play pen!
    But I love it that way 🙂

    • Good for you Dimple! Though she has a room to herself, all her toys come out to our kitchen, living room and bedroom. Though, it makes the place more lively and colorful, it’s a task to pick them one by one from under the tables, pillows and bed; not to forget the pain when we accidentally step on them. But yes, I wouldn’t trade that for anything in this world.

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