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Healthy Lunchbox Recipe – Whole Wheat (Atta) Cookies/Biscuits

Recently, I have discovered my love for baking. To nurture it, I got rid of my old small oven and bought a handsome big one. And before you ask me, the answer’s no; you really can’t have the same results with a convection microwave. You need the real stuff.

Here’s an awesome recipe for your child’s lunch box – healthy, tasty and still home-made!


Whole wheat atta cookies biscuits

Though this recipe has been originally inspired by Tarla Dalal and Food-dee-dum, I have brought my little additions/details to it.

Whole Wheat (Atta) Cookies/Biscuits


2 1/2 cup whole wheat flour

1 cup Quaker oats

100 ml home-made ghee/butter or yellow butter. I use home-made ghee.

3/4 cup powdered sugar

1 tsp baking powder

50 ml cold milk or more if required

1 tsp salt (not required if you are using salted butter)

Pinch of grated nutmeg – crushed cardamom seeds – 3-4 saffron strands dissolved in milk or crushed mixed dry fruits. Seriously, you can add anything that you or your child enjoy.

Whole wheat atta cookies biscuits


Sift whole wheat flour and baking powder in a bowl.

Add oats and sugar.

Pour warm ghee/melted butter and spices/dry fruits to the flour mix.

Knead the mix with the help of cold milk.

The dough should be soft to touch; neither too dry nor too wet/sticky.

Take a small portion and make it into a ball and then press it lightly into cookie shapes. You may roll it out into a sheet and cut with a cookie cutter.

Grease a baking sheet and put the cookies on it.

Put the sheet in a pre-heated oven for 25 minutes or till the top and bottom are golden brown.

Take them out and put them on a cooling rack. Store them in an air-tight container; they can last for 10-12 days.

Whole wheat - Atta - cookies biscuits

It’s a perfect tea-time snack. To tell you the truth, it’s our power snack too, the one we have before hitting the gym. And as for your kids, they will simply love it. They go into my daughter’s lunch box twice a week and the box comes back home empty 🙂

Tata maida biscuits!





  1. aarthi

    Hi.. To what thickness should weroll the dough before cutting it with cookie cutters.. And at wat temp should we bake the cookies

    • HI Aarthi, I just made small mounds with hands, so I am not sure about the cookie cutter thing…guess 1/2 cm should be ok, as they fluff up too on baking. The temp should be 175-180 for 20 mins.

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