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Image: pixabay

I had never thought that I’d be bothered with packing lunch boxes for a very (very) long time. But when my little pumpkin started her preschool, her teacher insisted that she brought a lunch box with her.

“But”, I argued, “As soon as she finishes her lunch, she immediately rushes to the school. And she is back home even before she is hungry.”

“Ya, I know. But when other kids open their lunch boxes, she looks at them. We have to then distract her. It’s not easy for the child.”

Well, put it that way, I could not argue any further. She was right in that aspect.

“What should I give her then?” I asked.

“A few biscuits; that will be more than ok.” The teacher replied smugly.

Biscuits? I have never endorsed biscuits except during absolute emergency (when we are travelling and there is no other source of food nearby). This was a major challenge for me, what to give her in the lunch box. For a few days, I gave her roasted mamra (puffed rice), khakhra, peanuts etc. But I was soon running out of options. So I searched on the Internet and as usual my good old friend came to my rescue.

Paneer parantha (mini size), instant veg rava uthapam, whole wheat flour biscuits, whole wheat bread (homemade with 20% plain flour)/jam-peanut butter sandwich, thepla etc. saved my life. They are wholesome and healthy foods.

Will share with you these recipes soon.