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Health in your kitchen – Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Tulsi or holy basil is a super herb. It is called the elixir of life. Learn all the benefits of consuming tulsi on a daily basis. #firsttimemommy #ayurveda #homeremedy #kitchenremedy #healthtip

Tulsi - Holy Basil

My parents have a neighbor who must be more than 75 years old. He doesn’t fall sick often. And the secret to his good health is Tulsi. Growing up, I have always seen him plucking a few leaves from the tulsi plant and keeping them in his mouth before he left for work in the morning. He swims every day, even in winters.

When I had a baby, I decided there and then that I would give her tulsi to boost her immunity. So at 6 months, when she was given the first sip of water, that’s what I gave her – tulsi water. I boiled tulsi in water and gave this to her. And touch wood, she has a better immunity than most kids her age. She went to her swimming classes the entire year, even in rains and winters.

Benefits of tulsi, and there are many –

  • helps in viral, bacterial and fungal infections of the respiratory system
  • treats asthma
  • prevents heart diseases
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • acts as a mouth freshener
  • improves high blood pressure
  • relieves headache
  • prevents cancers of the lung, breast, skin, liver stomach
  • prevents kidney stones
  • boosts immunity
  • detoxifies the body
Tulsi or holy basil is a super herb. It is called the elixir of life. Learn all the benefits of consuming tulsi on a daily basis. #firsttimemommy #ayurveda #homeremedy #kitchenremedy #healthtip

Tulsi or holy basil

Now, you know why you there is always a tulsi plant in every Indian household. Indians worship the plant, because of its medicinal properties. Do you know why tulsi leaves are put in the mouth of a deceased person? So that the putrefying waves from the dead person don’t infect the surroundings. Such is the power of tulsi. It is called the ‘elixir of life’.

How you can include tulsi in your diet:

  • One way is to boil tulsi leaves in water and drink the water. It gives yellowish-green color to the water. It’s advisable to give kids in this manner. However, give them in steel or glass container, as tulsi water leaves a sticky residue in plastic bottles.
  • Keep a few leaves of tulsi at the back of your mouth and slowly put pressure on it to slowly release its juices. Never chew tulsi as it corrodes your tooth enamel.
  • Add tulsi in your milky or green tea.

Tulsi is a super herb. I would urge you all to include it in your diet.


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  1. I agree Anshu. I have been giving turmeric & tulsi concoction to mishti too and that has built her resistance towards illnesses. And she hasn’t even missed a single swimming class the entire year.

    • Glad to learn that Aesha! You are one mommy after my own heart! <3 Turmeric, now that is something I must introduce in Aanya's milk to fortify her immune system further. Thanks for this suggestion, I will slowly do that!

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