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Health in your kitchen – My nighttime soaking routine

In the morning after I get up, I took a mug of hot water with my thyroid medicine. After that, I had 2 tsps of virgin coconut oil. And then a fruit followed by breakfast.

However, I felt it was not enough. I needed to add more, especially after I learnt that the dried fruits, nuts and seeds that I was consuming raw in the evening was not giving me 100% benefit. I learnt about soaking, and this prompted me to bridge the gap in the morning. Now, after my VCO, I take the following things, which are soaked for at least 8 hours overnight.

Fenugreek seeds – I have written a post on Fenugreek seeds, do visit it if you want to know about it in detail. Fenugreek seeds help in digestive problems like constipation, bloating, etc. It boosts your metabolism, and is also good for pain/swelling of muscles and joints. I soak 1 tsp (it is hot in nature, so avoid going overboard) seeds in water in the night. Swallow the seeds with the water it is soaked in the next morning on empty stomach.

Dried black grapes – I have low hemoglobin, so my mother suggested me to have soaked dried black grapes as it is an iron-rich fruit. It is also rich in calcium which is good for bones. Dried black grapes regulates blood pressure, fights against cancer, boosts memory and concentration, protects heart, is good for hair, skin and vision. Soaking dried grapes/raisins help the vitamins and minerals present on the outer skin of the raisin to get dissolved in the water. This increases the chances of them being better absorbed by the body.

Just because nuts and seeds are good for our body, it doesn’t mean that our body is capable to absorb all the nutrients from them. Raw nuts and seeds have phytic acid (which safeguards the seeds until germination) and certain enzyme inhibitors (which protects nuts and seeds from sprouting prematurely. Though useful to the plants, phytic acid and these enzyme inhibitors can contribute to nutrient deficiencies and irritation to the digestive system of humans. Soaking them for 8 hours (some people change water after 4 hours), removes these harmful substances and makes their nutrients easier to be absorbed by the human body. 

Pumpkin seeds – One of the best sources of plant-based Omega-3, pumpkin seeds boost immunity, keeps heart and liver healthy, good for postmenopausal women, and has anti-inflammatory benefits. Soak 2 tbsp seeds overnight. Throw away the water the next day, and munch on the seeds. You can even include sesame seeds, water melon seeds, musk melon seeds. For the moment, I soak only pumpkin seeds.

Flax seeds – Loaded with nutrients, Omega-3 fats, protein and dietary fiber, flax seeds reduce the risk of cancer, improve cholesterol, control blood sugar, lower blood pressure, flax seeds are a must in your diet. However, I don’t particularly enjoy its taste, may be because the oil content. I have tried it as flax seed meal too, but quit eating it. Even whole soaked flax seeds have a weird smell to it. I just hold my breath and swallow the whole thing.

Walnuts – Do you know 2/3rd of the world’s walnut production takes place in California? Surprisingly, we know of california almonds, not of walnuts. The only walnuts I know of are kashmiri, Irani and Afghani. Walnuts improve heart and bone health, boosts metabolism, controls diabetes, prevents cancer, reduces inflammation, regulates sleep and is great for skin care due to vitamin E content. It also battles depression and stress. I soak 2 walnuts per person. Walnuts lose their bitter edge by being soaked. So kids who otherwise don’t prefer to eat walnuts, start liking it too.

Almonds – The benefits of almonds are no secret, almost every Indian household knows and consumes almonds. Almonds boosts brain health, regulate cholesterol level, improve bone health, strengthens immunity, prevents heart diseases, regulates blood pressure, prevents cancer, and is good for skin. I soak 4-5 almonds per person.

I also soak chia seeds (not in the picture) and add it to my vegetable juice the next day.

I am going to start soaking dried figs too. Dried figs are a good source of iron, recommended for people suffering from digestive problems, rich in calcium, lowers high blood pressure, and keeps your heart healthy.

Initially, I set an alarm at 9 pm to remind me to soak them, but now I don’t need a reminder. It’s registered or programmed into my mind. It has become a habit!

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  1. Wow I didn’t know that soaking helps your body better benefit from the nutrients in dried fruits and nuts! Thank you for the information! And loved that little fact about California walnuts – I’m gonna remember that.

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    My Mommy Years

    • Thanks Kimmy, yes all my life I had heard that California walnuts were not that great. However, because they are so cheap, it made me read more about them.

  2. Loads of amazing information…..Loved your article!! XOXO

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