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#Gratitude – 2018 A Year To Remember!!

"2018 has been a year of many rewarding firsts. Read on to find out all the good things that happened to me and my heartfelt gratitude for the same. #firsttimemommy #gratitude #year2018 #newyear #newyeargoals"

Gratitude a year to remember

As the year 2018 was drawing to a close, as is my habit I looked back on the last 12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days. I mentally started listing things that didn’t happen and that disappointed me. A few moments later, it struck me – What was I doing? This wasn’t how I wanted to remember a whole year – with a series of complaints. I stopped, shook my head and started anew. I wanted to obliterate all the negatives and remember only the good things that happened to me this past year. Read on if you would like to know all the good things that happened to me in 2018 and my gratitude to the universe for the same:

2018 has been a year of many rewarding firsts. Read on to find out all the good things that happened to me and my heartfelt gratitude for the same. #firsttimemommy #gratitude #year2018 #newyear #newyeargoals"

#Gratitude – A Year To Remember!!

Blog uphauling: I have been blogging for more than 8 years, but it was only in this year that I seriously did something about my blogs rather than just posting content.

I opted to self-host my parenting blog and spend more time and effort on it. I also realised that apart from parenting, I was equally passionate about health, nutrition and fitness; and so included these in my niche too. It has paid off, I won’t say I have many followers, but I am enjoying writing and I guess it shows.

As far as my second and older blog is concerned, I have started contributing to it regularly. With Priya, I host a weekly fiction challenge called #TellTaleThursday. It’s been received well. I do book reviews and even hosted author interviews for writers who got their books published through BlogChatter’s 2018 AtoZ writing contest.

Book and Story publishing: It had been my childhood dream to publish my book. And this year,  without any warning, it came true. I had neither envisaged, nor planned it. Hence, it was all the more special for me.

My first fiction book, Tara was liked by readers. You can download or order your own paperback from Amazon.

I contributed a few times to Women’s Web’s Muse of the Month and it was heartening to see my two stories getting published on this widely read platform back to back. Not only this, one of the stories was also picked for their annual anthology of stories – No Apologies.

I started working on another book, a drama/murder mystery – A Cup of Tea – in the month of November. I have finished 75% of the book and hope to complete it soon.

Blogging community: Though I have been blogging for quite sometime, it’s been only this year that I became a part of the blogging community. I came across some beautiful people through blogging and made new friends. This year has been a perfect example of how online friendships can be genuine.

WriteTribe is a wonderful community and Corinne, its administrator/moderator is one of the most genuine people I have had the good fortune to meet.

I have learnt some much required time management tips from Shailaja V of Diary of a Doting Mom, one of the most hardworking, helpful and disciplined bloggers I know.

BlogChatter’s AtoZ put me in touch with many talented writers of the writing universe. And I am so grateful to Aesha for introducing me to it.

I found Priya, the quiet but strong one, and it was a start of a beautiful friendship. Touch wood!

I was a part of various meet ups this year and it was so heartwarming to meet and connect with people who share online space with me.

Travel Diaries: Travel happened this year and we went to four different countries in Europe in the month of May. It was a family trip with my parents in law and nephew. I admit I was a bit sceptical with two senior citizens and managing the show on our own, but we all had a lovely time and made some beautiful memories.

I visited Paris after 13 years, it was a sort of homecoming for me. Though I was one of the dirtiest cities we visited in Europe, something about Paris makes you believe in fantasy and romance.

It was my daughter’s first trip to Europe and I wanted her to be as amazed by the Eiffel Tower as I had been when I had first seen it. However, she was not much impressed. Such moments keep us grounded. 🙂

Health and Fitness: At home, we have started being more conscious about every tiny morsel of food that enters our system. We try to eat clean, local and seasonal. Though it has not always been easy and practical, it has given me immense joy to practice mindful eating.

I have been making jams, peanut butter, hummus, cookies, cakes for quite sometime. But now I also bake sourdough breads out of natural homemade starter. Savouring the aroma and flavour of fresh homemade breads believe me, is a soul satisfying experience.

Homemade sourdough bread

I started the year by being more fitness conscious and worked out 4 times in a week. However, in late October, I got back pain which affected the movement of my one leg. After a few physiotherapy sessions and regular muscle strengthening exercises, I am getting much better, but gym work out is still out of the question.

However, this health scare has made me realise that I should not take my body for granted. Working out is fine, but pushing beyond my limit is not.

2018 has been a year of many rewarding firsts. Read on to find out all the good things that happened to me and my heartfelt gratitude for the same. #firsttimemommy #gratitude #year2018 #newyear #newyeargoals

#Gratitude – A Year To Remember!!

From making new online friends to publishing my book, it has been a year of many firsts and for that, I am utterly grateful. However, my journey of 2018 continues and I plan to hit many more milestones in the new year 2019. One thing I won’t forget and that is to feel gratitude at each and every step.

I am linking my Gratitude post with Vidya Suri’s Gratitude circle.

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  1. Beautiful post, Anshu. Wish you a very happy new year. May you be the bestselling author this year.?
    Thank you for mentioning me in your post. It, indeed, is a beautiful friendship. Let me confess today that I really admire you. You motivate me to do better and work harder.
    Rock the new year. ?
    Love you ?

  2. Sounds like a wonderful year Anshu on all fronts. Sorry to hear about the back pain though – injuries suck as they get in the way of fitness routines. I hope 2019 is good to you!

    • It was a great year, Saanch. Things happen, but that’s amazing, because they always teach you new things. I agree injuries suck as you feel helpless, but it has taught me not to take my health lightly. Thank you so much Saanch and wish you a great 2019!

  3. Congratulations on your book & self hosting your blog. I need to do that second one soon . All the best for 2019 . Happy new year.

    • Hello Shilpa, good to hear from you. A very happy new year! Self hosting is a liberating experience, however, I would suggest you go through the pros and cons before entering into it. Hope you have the very best in 2019.

  4. Sounds like you packed a lot of wonderful things this year. Books, travel and all those wonderful things. Wishing you a happy 2019, Anshu.

  5. I loved your Tara series.. waiting for book ‘cup of tea’. Your whole year look wonderful Anshu. Wish you happy new year.

    • Hello Shilpa, how are you doing! I remember your constant support during Tara and am so very grateful for it, dear! I plan to launch the second book definitely this year with the good wishes of so many wonderful friends around me. Wish you a very happy new year too!

  6. You’ve had a fabulous year and wish you an even better 2019, Anshu. So glad we connected this year and met in person. Thanks for the mention. ♥
    Corinne Rodrigues recently posted…Letting My Arms Down #MondayMusings #MondayBlogsMy Profile

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