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Grandparents of excesses

Mothers staying in a big joint family might not understand this, but those who stay in nuclear families, I am sure, will relate to it.

I have certain unwritten rules where my little daughter is concerned. And I don’t generally like people messing with it.

  • Chocolates only once a week
  • Biscuits only in unavoidable circumstances
  • No soda
  • No fried

But here comes the dilemma. Whenever I visit my in-laws or they visit us, all my carefully laid down rules go for a toss. With her grandparents around, she is happily gobbling up umpteen chocolates a day, munching on biscuits and other non-mentionable.

grandparents of excesses

Result: She skips her meals. My blood boils and my soul cringes.

But my protests fall on deaf ears. She knows mamma is angry, but my naughty monkey very conveniently chooses to ignore me and my almost in-danger-of-falling-out-of-their-sockets eye balls. She also knows that with her saviours around, she doesn’t have to worry about punishment either.

“It’s only for a few days. Let us indulge her.” What I fail to understand is why should indulgence be synonymous with gluttony? Indulge her with books/toys and quality time.

grandparents of excesses

When it’s all over and my blood thickens again, I realize the futility of fretting so much. It’s their way of showing her affection. Let her remember them fondly as grandparents of excesses. A few days of excessive indulgence and chocolatey-sugary affection shouldn’t hurt. After all, I don’t remember ever complaining when my grandfather bought me chocolates and ice creams. Again, don’t I indulge in lie-ins and afternoon naps during holidays? Well, these episodes are her holidays. Thank God though that they are far and few.

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