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Giving medicines to toddlers: Beware!

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Falling sick is a natural part of growing up. In fact, cold and cough and fever become such an integral part of your baby and your life that you’d be wondering if they don’t strike for a couple of months. And after frequent visits to the paediatrician and memorising the names of the medicines, you can handle the situations pretty much by ourselves.

That’s what happened with me when my toddler developed slight cold and cough. It was pretty much routine for her. So I didn’t bother giving her anything. But then she developed a fever – 101-102 C. It was the first time that she had fever, so I was worried. But I still played it cool; I knew the dosage after all. I gave her a dose of Crocin drops. 2 ml for every kg of body weight. The fever went down. But in the night, it again shot up. So I again administered the same dose. The next morning, it was the same case. But this time, I decided to visit the doctor.

The doctor asked me routine questions: “Since when is the fever?” and “Have you given her anything?”

“I gave her Crocin drops,” I told him.

“How much?”

“2 ml for every kg of body weight, roughly about 20 ml,” I replied smugly.

“You did what?” The always calm and composed doctor barked.

“But you have yourself prescribed 2 ml before a few times,” I defended myself. Why was he shouting?

“Yes but 2 ml of Crocin Suspension and not Crocin drops. It’s mentioned in the file.” Seeing my confusion, he explained, “Crocin drops is highly concentrated while Crocin Suspension is diluted. 2 ml per body weight in kg of Crocin drops can be very toxic for a toddler.”

So my dear first-time mommies, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, please verify or consult with your doctor what you are administering to your child and the right dosage.

Also, in case your child is suffering from a cough, don’t give him/her any cough medicine lying at home. There are different types of cough, hence different cough medicines also. Better to consult with a doctor before giving one.

Hope you don’t make the mistakes that I made! 🙂


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  1. Neha

    Request you to please mention child’s exact age, since your post caused confusion. Crocin drops is appropriate up to age 12 months and the dosage per weight is also mentioned on the package.

    • Hi Neha, the title says toddlers – that means a child between 1 -2.25-3 years. And, crocin drops is appropriate for a newborn and even a toddler. Yes, the dosage is mentioned on the package, but that’s what I am saying I had the wrong medicine at home. I gave my 1.5 yr old daughter a high dose of crocin suspension instead of crocin drops. Hope I could clear the confusion.

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