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Dr. Fixit – It Fixed My Home and Saved My Daughter’s Health!

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Three years ago, we had got our house renovated…new bathrooms, POP ceilings, lighting, paint and furniture. We even got our daughter’s (then 1 year old) room redone in a pretty pink colour with functional pink furniture and a theme glow in the night wall paint. It’s an adorable room, and she loves to play in it with her doll houses and numerous toys and games. When her friends visit her, even they prefer to go to her room and play.

About this time, last year, after a few days of incessant rains in Mumbai, we saw something in her bedroom that shook us. There were ungainly wet patches on one wall and one portion of the ceiling. It was a shocking discovery for us, as we had spent quite a lot of time and money on her bedroom renovation, and we had not expected it to start deteriorating in such a short time. We called our contractor immediately. He made a thorough inspection of the dampness and gave us his opinion. The dampness of the wall and ceiling were completely unrelated and were from two different sources. The external wall of our building had developed cracks, and hence the rain water was seeping in through those cracks. However, the patch on the bedroom ceiling was due to the water leaking from the bathroom of our neighbours who stay above us.

Our contractor told us that these leakages should be repaired as quickly as possible as they can spread to other areas also within no time, and will result in peeling of paint and mould developing on it. I gave an involuntary shudder at the mere mental image of it. However, the horrible repercussions were far from over. He also said that this dampness could lead to the growth of molds, and the inhalation of these mold spores could lead to respiratory problems, and set off an allergic reaction such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, skin rash and eczema (my daughter already suffers from a mild case of eczema that she has inherited from me).

It was a nightmarish problem. But what about the solution? The external wall could still be fixed, but what about the neighbours’ bathroom. It was not right to suggest they get their bathroom renovated to fix their leaking pipes. No one would agree to this inconvenience and expenditure. I could buy a dehumidifier and use it daily in my child’s room to get rid of the dampness, but that was not a permanent solution.

As our contractor registered the surprise and disappointment on my husband and my faces, he quickly assured us that there was a solution, that didn’t involve breaking the bathroom, changing the pipe fixtures and sanitary ware, tiling and painting. The leakage could be fixed at a very nominal cost (that we could bear) and with no inconvenience to our neighbours.

He suggested us – Dr. Fixit and his two revolutionary products that could take care of both the types of leakages.

For the wall leakage – Dr. Fixit Raincoat – a high performance acrylic elastomeric coating for external walls that formed a layer on the external walls and protected it again rainwall and humidity.

For the ceiling leakage – Dr. Fixit Bathseal Kit, a combination of products like Pidicrete URP, tape, mesh, grout and WPC provides a complete waterproofing solution for bathrooms.

We talked to our Building Committee, and they agreed readily. But, we were dreading talking to our neighbours – what if they didn’t agree?. But when we assured them that the solution would be quick, convenient, hassle free and guarantee no damage to their bathroom’s structure and aesthetic; and at the most their bathroom would be out of bound for 3-4 hours or till the solution on their tile joints completely dried up, they agreed to it.

Thus, we came out of this problem happy and satisfied, and all because of Dr. Fixit’s no-structure breaking/defacing and completely affordable leakage fixing solutions. It’s been more than a year since we got the leakages fixed. The wet patches are long gone and dried up. Once this monsoon gets over (we wanted to wait for one monsoon to see if the problem resurfaced and thankfully, it hasn’t), we are getting the patches retouched, and our little doll’s bedroom would be as pretty as ever and our home a healthy happy home again. Touch wood!!

If you are facing similar problems, adopt this high quality and efficient waterproofing technology, and say those cracks, leakages, and dampness goodbye. Check out this video to learn more about Dr. Fixit’s solutions for your home and office.

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