Generation Next and the Technology

At the first glance, I found this image funny and I also laughed a little. But the next moment when the implication hit me, I felt like howling. Of course, I didn’t do anything of that sort. But yes, it did compel me to snatch the iPad from my toddler who was playing with it. She did cry and howl as expected. But I stayed determined.

When the situation was calmer and under control, I thought about this again.

What sort of a future are we heading to?

When my daughter plays with the iPad or my phone, she becomes oblivious to the world around her. She forgets she is thirsty and hungry. She turns a deaf eye to our attempts to converse with her. And lastly which sends a chill down my spine, she doesn’t notice our absence too.

They may start with the Talking Tom but we don’t know where they will end.

Spending small amounts of time on the gadgets playing games is okay but staying glued to it day and night is totally unacceptable. They are kids, and hence should behave like kids.

  • They need to go out and play in the fresh air.
  • Read some books.
  • Engage with family members.
  • Make new friends.
  • Explore the world around them.

I am planning to unhook my child off the gadgets. If and when it happens, I will get back to you and share the tips with you. Meanwhile, if you have something helpful, do share. I’d really appreciate it.