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Sunday fun with Smartivity Game – Friction Slider

smartivity game product review

I had heard a lot of Smartivity games and was raring to get my hand on their activity kits. So when this activity product more or less dropped in my lap, believe me, I was more joyful than my 7 year old daughter.

Have you heard of Smartivity?

Have a fun play date with your child with Smartivity - Friction Slider. #productreview #toyreview #smartgames #activitykits #firsttimemommy

smartivity game product review

Smartivity is founded by IIT Delhi alumni. They design children’s activities and toys that link theory to practical which drive engagement, make learning fun and make children smarter.

So, I got this Smartivity game – Slippery Slopes Friction slider box. It is for age 6+ years.

I opened the heavy box and found a bunch of boards, foam parts, marbles and rubber bands. I was stumped. To be frank, I am not a person who is heavily bent towards activities. And this one with its various parts and tools required time, effort and patience.

I showed the box to my husband who loves doing activities with my daughter. He announced that he would love to build the friction slider with my daughter and her friends the coming Sunday.

So that was that! I called for a play date – asked two of my daughter’s friends to come over on Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday around 12:30, my husband true to his promise started building the slider along with his 3 assistants. He read the accompanying booklet and asked the girls to provide him with the necessary parts. The girls were so excited – they were hanging at uncle’s words and constantly at his beck and call. Together or turn by turn they would fix the parts.

Midway through the activity, we ordered for pizza which added to the fun and by 3:30 the Slippery slopes friction slider was ready for sliding.

Once the slider was ready, we all tried our hand at it. It was fun. The girls continued playing for another hour trying to better their previous scores in each turn. The Sunday was well spent with a creative and intelligent activity.

What kids can learn from this Smartivity game ?

Have a fun play date with your child with Smartivity - Friction Slider. #productreview #toyreview #smartgames #activitykits #firsttimemommy

smartivity game product review

As the name suggests, it’s a slippery slopes friction slider. It teaches kids the different types of surfaces like muddy road, city road, highway road, race road, village road and icy road, and how they all have different friction.

The marbles when dropped on the slider will slide differently on each one of them. Along with the marbles, there is a rubber ball which too has a different rate of sliding. Kids need to control the slider in such a way that marbles and ball can reach the bottom most pocket and thus they can score maximum points.

Marbles will slide differently on different surfaces and so will the rubber ball. Hence, kids will understand the friction and the speed involved with each marble on each surface.

Apart from friction, kids also learn the concepts of material and features and how to balance. They develop:

  • Spatial awareness
  • Cognitive skills
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Analytical skills

What I like about this Smartivity game ?

  • This toy is made from high quality engineered wood which is non-toxic and safe for children.
  • The parts are neatly packed or arranged in packets and wooden boards which definitely gets a thumbs up from me.
  • The booklet has all the steps explained in detail and through pictures which make it easy.
  • It is a complete activity kit that has all the parts nicely numbered for easy recognition.

Check out this cool video with girls having fun playing with the slider

What could be better in this product?

  • In the booklet, though the parts are numbered, they should also mention the board number where the part can be found on the same page itself. It will save some flipping to and fro and make the whole process easier and quicker.
  • The product is supposed to be for 6+, but I found it to be more appropriate for 9+. 6+ kids will find it difficult to do it themselves and will require constant help and supervision from an adult.

Final Verdict

I think it’s a super product for kids who constantly like to make and create. Along with the game, it’s a good way to learn as well. It makes for a good gifting option too.

Check Smartivity games and toys range on Smartitivity website. You can also buy Smartivity games or toys from Amazon. Here’s one – check it out!

Disclaimer: It’s not a sponsored post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone.

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