Hop on to ‘GET FIT STAY FIT’ with BonHappetee blog hop party

Topics for the Get Fit Stay Fit with BonHappetee blog hop party

Topics for the Get Fit Stay Fit with BonHappetee blog hop party

October is a slow month for most of us – with children’s exams, Diwali ki safai and festive shopping, you are hardly left with enough time and energy to think creative for your blog. But that should not be a reason for your blog to languish. Here is a fun blog hop party to help you stay on top of your game.
Join us for ‘GET FIT STAY FIT‘ with Bon Happetee blog hop party!!
And also stand a chance to win prizes by our generous sponsor Bon Happetee – the best food, diet, weight loss and fitness app!
  • Bon Happetee is a personalised health coach that helps you make the informed decision with respect to your diet, activity and lifestyle choices.
  • You can choose from a variety of nutrition plans and get custom diet charts and meal recommendations.
  • Choose a goal and get home workout plans for flexible duration starting with 15 min workouts
  • Track your meals, activity, hydration and steps and get instant feedback.
  • You can even talk to our experts via chat on the app for any assistance and also connect with other users on our social feeds and communities
What you will gain from this Blog Hop party?
Apart from networking benefits and genuine backlinks to improve your Search Engine Ranking, you will also be eligible for a prize.
3 winning entries will be selected and they will get 1 box each from True Elements worth Rs. 1500 (yes, it’s 1500, we just got the correct figure) plus 2 months of free diet consultation from Bon Happetee !
However, please note that only participants from the Indian subcontinent will be eligible for the prize.
Now let’s get to the RULES, for no writing challenge is ever complete without one! 😉
Rules for the participants of ‘GET FIT STAY FIT’ with Bon Happetee blog hop party are pretty simple and highly manageable.
1. #Bonhappetee blog hop party is beginning from 10th October 2018.
2. Each participant will have to put up a blog post on any one of the food and fitness related topics in the image latest by 17th October 2018. You may tweak the title a little as per your interest and convenience.
3. You will need to follow all the hosts and the sponsor on WordPress and Instagram. If you do not have a blog on WordPress then subscribe to the blog by email.
4. You will need to introduce one blogger and thank the blogger who introduces you on his blog post. The hosts shall be providing you both the URLs.
Drop these lines in your post – For example –
I thank XYZ (blog URL of the person introducing you) for introducing me on her blog. I, hereby, take the opportunity to introduce ABC (blog URL of the person you will be introducing). Do check out these wonderful posts.
5. Adding the badge is compulsory – you will find it at the end of this post. Just have to copy and paste in your post.
6. SPONSORED posts are strictly NOT ALLOWED.
7. The blog post should be minimum 300 words (it is recommended for a good SEO).
8. If for any reason (though we would implore you not to) you need to drop out, do let us know in advance.
9. Share your blog post on social media using the hashtag #bonhappetee
10. Sharing and commenting on the post before and after your post is mandatory, however the more posts you read, comment on and share, the more love you will receive back.
Let’s write from our heart and make #bonhappetee blog hop a fun party!! <3 <3
You need to add this badge along with the text to your blog post. (mandatory rule).
Copy this badge and the text below the image and paste it at the end of your post

Get Fit Stay Fit

I am participating in the ‘Get Fit, Stay Fit’ blog party with BonHappetee!

Hosted by
First Time Mommy
Aesha’s Musings
Kreative Mommy

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  1. Interesting blog hop Anshu, glad to be a part of this. Looking forward to have a wonderful Blog party from 10th to 17th.

  2. It’s going to be great. Love it to be hosting it with you.

  3. This is very interesting. I would love to participate. Glad i found you?

    • mammaspeaks

      Hi Keerthana, we closed the entries yesterday night as we had already prepared the list of participants. Would have loved to have you. Will msg you if there is something similar the next time.

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