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Dos And Don’ts For A Beautiful Pregnancy

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Dos and Don'ts for a super pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life. Though it is often marred by complications, big or small, we still remember it fondly. To help you make more such happy memories, here are some dos and don’ts to make your pregnancy more beautiful:


  • Exercise. During pregnancy, you cannot undertake strenuous exercise but walking is something you can do any time of the day before or after eating. As a rule, walk for at least 45 minutes a day on the beach, hills or in the park. You can even take up mild forms of exercise like Yoga, Kegel, birthing ball etc. But seek your doctor’s advice before that.
  • Drink, drink and drink. Hey I don’t mean you sit with a bottle of wine or beer. Drink a lot of water throughout the day. It will help in digestion and reduce heartburn. Also, nimbu paani, coconut water, fennel water, buttermilk help you.
  • Eat. Pregnancy gives you the license to binge. You needn’t worry about the extra kilos that you pile up; after all it’s for the baby. A little reserve of fat helps you to recuperate faster post-delivery. Just take care not to go heavy on the junk, fried, spicy and processed food.
  • Go on a vacay. Now is the time to take that dream holidays of yours. Believe me, you will benefit from the change of scene. A holiday always lifts you up. And if you are into a depression, nothing will work better. I had visited Goa during my sixth month; those 3 days were the only ones when I didn’t puke once during my entire pregnancy.
  • Be happy. Listen to good music, read books or watch TV that will perk you up. A happy mind and soul will benefit the baby too. Make it a point to talk to people who make you laugh and feel good about yourself. I would visit my family physician every month during my pregnancy. His encouraging conversation would soothe my fears.
  • Take up a hobby like painting, sewing, knitting, etc. I regret till date for not taking up one. I wasted those precious nine months. Sigh!
  • Sleep like a baby because you can’t once you have one of your own. A good sleep will keep you fresh, healthy and beautiful. Buy a maternity pillow if you need to in order to catch those forty winks.
  • Apply a generous amount of Cocoa butter or coconut oil on your stomach. They will keep the area moisturized and prevent stretch marks from ruining your skin.


  • Listen to any pregnancy horror story. It will put doubts in your mind and end up depressing you. If you happen to listen to one, run, run away as fast as your wobbly legs can take you. If the person feels bad; let her be. You deserve better. In my ninth month, somebody told me how her close friend just a few days before her due date didn’t feel her baby’s movement and then later delivered a still born baby. I lived in this constant fear till the time I delivered a crying baby.
  • Read or inquire extensively. The Internet is a mine of information. You can find anything that you need and even what you don’t need. Don’t dig up too much information related to pregnancy. Understand that each case is different. What happens to other person might not happen to you. So no use getting all worked up for nothing.
  • Feel sorry for yourself even in the worst bouts of morning sickness. Think of your little baby whenever you are in one of your deepest self-doubting moods. Always remember, you are Pregnant, NOT Sick! That will sail you through your toughest moments.
  • Wear flimsy flip-flops or high heels for your and your baby’s safety. Give some thought to your poor feet too. As such they are supporting your extra kilos. Don’t kill them with your insensitivity.

I guess I have covered everything that needs mentioning. Don’t you feel so? Write to me what else should be included.

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  1. jisha

    well i am little confused with your last line . wear heels? what about safety from falling. may be i have understood wrong.
    Also dear i am 1 month pregnant and just want to know can i play throwball. since we already have a schedule of a company match next month.

    • Hi Jisha, Congratulations!!!
      Wearing heels is in Don’ts section. I meant don’t wear heels as it’s not good for your balance. In the last 3-4 months, a pregnant lady’s center of gravity shifts, hence wearing heels can be risky.

      Avoid strenuous activity during pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months as there are more chances of a miscarriage. There are more articles on pregnancy on this blog that may be useful for you. Happy Pregnancy!!!

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