What I learnt from my gynecologist that every mother of a daughter should know?


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A few days ago, my daughter suffered from a vaginal infection. It got cured in a few days, but the whole incident made me realize how my daughter is growing up, and in a few years will hit puberty. So when I visited my gynecologist for a routine check up, I made it a point to ask her a few things for my daughter as well. This is what I learnt from her…

  • Avoid using jet spray on the V-area of your daughter. When the water goes into the vagina, it can lead to vaginal infections. No doubt, vaginal infections have increased in girls today. In our time, a humble mug it was that kept us away from these nasty infections.
  • Do not use a perfumed soap to clean inside her intimate area. It destroys the good bacteria that helps prevent vaginal infections.
  • Keep the area dry; wipe it with a toilet tissue after urination instead of water.
  • After passing stool, clean the anus, and avoid touching the V-area with the same fingers.
  • Make her wear bloomers. With tight panties, the risk of E.coli transferring from her bottom to her vagina increases.
  • Disney print panties look cute, but better invest in a moisture-absorbing cotton panties that lets the area breathe and avoids bacteria or yeast infections.
  • Change her panties at least 2-3 times in a day.
  • School-going girls avoid using the school washrooms and tend to hold on. This can lead to urine infection. Urge her to use the washroom at least once in the school.
  • Girls are hitting puberty at an age as early as 9 years. Poor lifestyle, frequent consumption of junk and lack of physical activity are some of the prominent reasons. Let’s avoid this if possible.
  • Once your daughter hits puberty, do take her for a cervical shot.
  • If your daughter complains of itching around her vagina, wash the area with a diluted solution of potassium permanganate. Take a few crystals of KMNO4 and dilute it with lots of water and pour the water on her vaginal area. Or ask her to sit in a tub of this solution. Alternatively, you can use common salt solution too.
  • Lastly, if you notice mucus in her vagina or if you find your daughter constantly scratching around her vagina or anus, take her to the doctor. It might be due to a pinworm infection.

Hope these tips are useful!


10 Guaranteed Tricks That Make My Baby Smile, No Matter How Much She Has Been Crying!


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Little babies have an attention span of a housefly, and get bored and cranky fast. If we moms don’t have enough tricks up our sleeve, we must be prepared for a cranky and crying baby!

I am sharing 10 guaranteed tricks that make my baby smile, no matter how much she has been crying. They have been tried and tested by me on my baby. And trust me, they work; they really do!

1. Blowing Air On Their Tummy

This one is a true wonder. I think it is the noise and the cool air on her tummy that makes your baby stop her crying midway and smile at you!

This is how I do it:

-Pull up the T-shirt of your baby

-Fill some air in your mouth

-Now, rub your mouth on her tummy gently, and slowly let go of the air making a noise
A word of advice though – do not try this in public; the sound is not very appealing, and you might have people giving you weird glances. 😉

2. Making Faces

It works like a charm, every time! It works even with older kids. As a mom, I have learnt that making faces, sticking out your tongue, rolling your eyes and some other silly facial expressions will surely make your baby smile. They probably enjoy seeing their mommy look so comical, and may even try to imitate you!

3. Making Your Baby Stretch

Make your baby lie down on her back. Now hold her legs by the ankle and make her stretch. You can try any posture – legs wide apart, legs up her chest, or cycling motion.

This will help her release some gas and make her smile too, as she feels a sense of comfort.

4. Playing Peekaboo

This is another guaranteed trick I have tried to get that million dollar gummy smile – play peekaboo! Lean in close to her, kiss her nose or cheek, and then go back.

With an older baby, you can take a pillow or a cushion or her favourite blanket, and play peekaboo using the prop. Or do it the old-fashioned way using your hands. It works each time!

5. Massaging Your BabyWho doesn’t love a massage! Even babies do! If you want to use oil, it’s up to you. It’s also totally fine to dry massage too! Gently massage your baby’s feet, her toes and legs in circular motion.

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I Made 5 Changes In My Baby’s Night Routine – She Sleeps Much Better Now!

baby sleeping

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“My baby doesn’t sleep well!” As parents, many of us share this concern. I did too. But, guess what – I followed these 5 tips in my baby’s night routine, and she sleeps MUCH better now!

Most parents complain about how their babies do not sleep through the night or keep the household awake. Some babies are poor sleepers even when they turn into toddlers or pre-schoolers. I had my share of sleep problems with my daughter too. Then I made some small changes in my baby sleep-routine… and I never had to spend another sleepless night because of my daughter’s sleep problems!

5 Simple Ways To Tackle Sleep Concerns In Babies

1. I Made Sure She Was Well-Fed Before Bedtime

I took my daughter to the paediatrician when she turned 6-7 months old and had started solids. That’s when the doctor advised me to stop breastfeeding at night so that my baby could sleep through the night. Of course, like any new mom who couldn’t say no to a crying hungry baby, I overruled the wise doctor’s advice and kept on night feeding my daughter.

Result? I was at the end of my tether by the time she turned 11 months old. She would ask for my milk, almost every hour. She was never full.

I again took her to the doctor, who although wisely refrained from saying ‘I told you so’, advised me to feed my baby well before she slept, so that she didn’t wake up hungry in the night. Well, I followed the advice diligently this time, and really, as my daughter’s tummy was full, she stopped asking for the nightly feed. She slept better… which meant better sleep for me too!

2. I Stopped Feeding Liquids Just Before Bedtime

My daughter loved milk (still does!). I used to feed her dairy products three times: morning, evening and once just before she went off to sleep. However, the night milk made her want to pee, and she woke up. It was OK till she wore diapers, but as soon as I diaper-weaned her, I realized that I had to stop her bedtime milk so that she didn’t wet the bed. Not only did it work, it also made her get undisturbed sleep!

I soon realised that – it’s a good idea to stop giving your babies/kids any type of liquids post dinner, not just milk. It will help them get uninterrupted sleep in the night.

3. Afternoon Naps Are NOT For Every Child

Children till 3-4 years of age sleep in the afternoon. But, not all kids. My daughter stopped taking an afternoon nap even before she turned 3. Initially, it bothered me that she didn’t nap in the afternoon like other kids. So, I would try and coax her to sleep. But, I also noticed that on days she slept in the afternoon, she slept very late in the night. And, then a big drama ensued the following morning when it was time to wake up early for the school and she couldn’t.

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My Pediatrician Told Me To Never Ignore These 9 Warning Signs of a Health Problem In Babies

Baby was receiving his scheduled vaccine injection in his right

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As a first time mommy, I was always watching my baby for any signs of discomfort or distress. We mothers watch our babies like a hawk. However, being an inexperienced mother, there were chances that I might miss a few warning signs even if I saw them. It’s easy to overlook warning signs of a health problem in babies. That’s why I discussed this with my pediatrician.

My pediatrician understood my problem and gave me some very helpful tips. He told me to never ignore some warning signs that can indicate a health problem in my baby.

I am sharing this with you. Take a look at them, and if you see them in your baby, it should set the alarms ringing in your head…fiercely!

1. Does the newborn get shocked when you thump the bed?

My daughter was not even born – it had been just 12 hours – when the pediatrician visited us in the hospital. My daughter was sleeping on the bed with me. Suddenly, the doctor thumped up the bed, without warning. My newborn was shocked, her hands and feet went up in the air and her eyes opened up.

The doctor said, “I did that to confirm that there was nothing wrong with your baby’s hearing. If a newborn doesn’t startle in response to a loud noise, she may have hearing problems.”

2. Does the baby refuse to take two feeds in a row?

My daughter was only 20 days old, when one day she decided to continue sleeping without taking her feed. She missed her feed.

I called up the doctor and he said one feed was not an issue, unless my baby refused to take another feed. He also checked with me if my daughter hadn’t urinated for 5-6 hours.

Not taking two feeds in a row accompanied with not urinating for 6 hours can be warning signs of dehydration.

3. Is the baby running a high fever?

Being a new, overprotective mother, I was always checking my baby to see if she was running a fever. The doctor told me there was nothing to worry if the fever was mild. Once the baby was 3 months old, cold compresses should do the trick.

However, consistent high fever (more than 100 degrees) is a cause for concern, especially in babies younger than a year.

4. Does your baby get convulsions?

Thankfully, I never had to see this one. But, if your baby convulses for more than 5 minutes where her body becomes stiff, her eyes roll back or she has difficulty breathing, you should definitely not ignore it. Take her to the doctor once the convulsion stops. Convulsions can happen due to many reasons such as high fever, head trauma, lack of oxygen, or an underlying medical problem. Only the doctor can diagnose and treat this in time.

5. Is your baby passing loose stools and vomiting?

Many babies face tummy problems in childhood and we don’t usually see this as a serious problem. However, severe diarrhoea and vomiting can lead to dehydration.

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6 annoying habits of moms (including myself!)

mommy party.jpg

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We are mothers, and though we might think ourselves way above other species, the truth is we can be damn annoying sometimes. Ask your friends, family …or even husband (if he is daring enough to be completely truthful to your face)..and you will know the truth.

Here are 6 annoying habits of moms, including myself, that we generally come across.

Complaining about her child’s thinness – One of my dear friends always laments the fact that her child is thin. OK, I get it that her child is not pudgy, and there is no chance she would be selected for Johnson’s baby product commercials, but why she needs to say that again and again.

“I give her such nice healthy things to eat. But, she never gains weight like your daughter!”

On another occasion, she remarked “Looks like your daughter has grown taller. She looks thinner, too. But, at least she is better (read thinner) than my daughter!”

Her daughter is tall, healthy and very active. Seriously, I feel like telling her off on such occasions “why you need a fat child?”

Complaining her child doesn’t eat enough – Another classic complaint of most mothers. In the park or in school meetings, you will always meet one or another mother who will complain that her child doesn’t eat properly.

I once saw a mother feeding her 9-month old a porridge made of wheat flour, milk and 1 big apple for breakfast. Now, after 2 hours or so, she brought his lunch consisting of 2 chapattis, dal and subji. The child didn’t want to eat, but the mother force-fed her 1 chapatti. But before she could move onto the second, he puked all the food out.

The mother exclaimed, “See, he doesn’t eat! When I try to make him eat, he vomits!”

The child in question is obese. Need I say further?

Photographing and putting on the Facebook – The new age mom loves her kids, so much so that she wants to show off her kids to all and sundry. And, what better way to do that than clicking umpteen photos of her kids and putting them on the Facebook. So, what if her entire Facebook wall is filled up with her kids swimming, dancing or doing Karate; the more the better. Sometimes I wonder if they ever see their kids outside the camera lens and enjoy the moment.

Being a snob about her child’s school – This is something I have come across a lot. A mother who knows her child goes to an expensive school (or a school in which admission is difficult to get into) first asks you “In which school does your child study?”

You reply, and out of courtesy you end up asking the same question to them.

And, in that one moment their eyes light up, their face develops an expression of superiority and their tone holds certain pride. That is their moment of glory and they won’t hesitate to demonstrate it to you.

Showing off her child – Some mothers behave as if their child has come from the planet Krypton with superhuman abilities.

He talks so glibly. He is going to be a politician. And, you could say that from now, when he is just 2?

She learned to walk at 9 months. What is it going to serve?

She will definitely be a model. She pouts like one! And how is that an accomplishment?

Self pitying – Stay away from these moms! They suck up all the positivity from around their vicinity. These are the moms who have a litany of complaints. Their children wake up so early or sleep so late, are over-active, that she doesn’t get a moment’s breather. We get it you are super busy or super exhausted, but could you also, once in a while, talk about something else please!

It is one thing to love your kids and be proud of them, and totally another (and unnatural) to drag the whole world into this intimate circle. Be a proud mother, not an annoying one!

There Was a Time I Thought My Baby Would Need Diapers Forever – Until I Tried This Toilet Training Trick

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Any kind of weaning is usually a nightmare for mothers. First, there’s weaning from breastfeeding into solid foods, and then there’s weaning from diapers into using the toilet. But nightmare or not, this has to be done. Peeling smelly, messy, poopy diapers off your baby’s bum, day after day, can take away all your energy! Hence, toilet training topped my list of mommy’s to-dos with my daughter. Even though I was so determined about it, I soon started getting an unsettling feeling: would my little one learn, or would she have to be in diapers forever?!

I will be honest with you. I have been luckier than many mothers as far as potty training is concerned. But it was pee training that really got me frazzled. It so happened that as soon as my daughter started sitting up, around the time when she was 7 months old, I bought her a potty with music. I had been told it was best to start early. Initially, she was not comfortable sitting on it. She cried all the time. But then, I started giving her baths on it (sounds weird, I know, but moms will try anything). And guess what, even though the music could not survive the everyday water onslaught, at least my daughter started sitting on it to take a dump.

The next step was making her sit on the big potty with a potty seat. Luckily, this also happened very quickly for me, as she enjoyed sitting on the colourful potty seat. So as soon as she made her ‘potty’ face, I made her sit on it. She soon realized she was supposed to do potty sitting on her seat. She learnt that was the right thing to do. And then one day, when she turned 1 ½ years, she started saying “potty” and then going to sit on the seat! Mission accomplished!

But here we come to weaning her off diapers. This proved to be a mammoth task. In fact, pee training was so difficult for us that there was a time I thought my baby would need diapers forever! I’ll like to share with you the tricks that finally worked for me, so you can speed up the process with your little one:

Trick #1: I made her pee often – every half hour, then every one hour, and then at larger intervals as she grew up and started holding up longer

Also, since my daughter was not on disposable diapers 24/7, that helped. If I missed sticking to these intervals, I knew there would be some cleaning to do. So I tried to tune myself to her system.

Trick #2: I weaned off the diapers one at a time – starting with the evening diaper

I would make her wear three diapers – one in the evening, then changed two in the night. So firstly, I weaned her off the evening diaper. That was easy. It was just like the daytime routine had stretched longer. Little by little, as she became aware of her body and her system, she started signalling to me when she needed to pee. But remember, a child this small is slow to realize her bodily needs. She might leak before she could realize or signal. So there will be misses. As for the two night diapers, more on that in a bit.

Trick #3: We gathered confidence while stepping out with her diaper-less

Once we were visiting a zoo. She was only 2.4 years old at the time. In the middle of our excursion, she said she wanted to pee. I told her, “pee in your diaper.” She refused. Then I told her, “Okay, then hold”. And I forgot all about it. After a few hours, we reached home and I checked her diaper. It was dry. That was when I realized that she was ready to be weaned off diapers when she was awake.

I had my heart lodged in my mouth all the time we were out. What if she peed in a restaurant before so many people? What if I could not find a bathroom on time? But I knew I had to start somewhere, sometime. Initially, I made her wear a diaper when we went out but still took her to the bathroom to get her familiarized with bathrooms other than her own. Whenever we stepped out, I said to her:

“It’s not right to pee in front of others. If you need to pee and we cannot find a bathroom, try to hold it.”

And really, she never leaked in public. Thank God!

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9 Things In-Laws Sometimes Say to Kids That Parents Find Really Hard to Tolerate


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Grandparents are called the backbone of the family. They support, advise and hold it together. After parents, if someone loves the kids, it’s the grandparents. However, they have their eccentricities too, which might upset you and make you question their wisdom.

My husband’s parents are awesome people, and I share a wonderful equation with them. And, they love my daughter like their own child. If something happens to me and my hubby, they are the people I would like to entrust my daughter with. However, there are times when I get exasperated with their behaviour, especially when it concerns my child. I understand where it’s coming from, but still get upset.

I am sure, I am not alone, and there are many mothers sailing in the same boat. Here are 5 things in-laws sometimes say to kids that parents find really hard to tolerate.

You don’t eat vegetables. We ate whatever was given to us. We could never say we don’t like this or that to our parents.

That’s hitting below the belt. Believe me, I don’t like it either. I know it’s a problem, and I am trying my best to fix it.

You have become so thin!

It may be directed to my child, but actually it’s a veiled accusation at me, the mother, saying that you ignore your daughter and her dietary needs. No wonder, she looks so skinny. Of course, I can’t say that to them on their face. So, I only say with a smile of course – the doctor says she is absolutely fine for her age.

I have brought a lollipop for you.

What timing!! Why, oh, why, did you need to say that just while she was having her meal? The appetite is gone, and all she wants now is that lollipop!

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