While I cannot boast of having read books to my child during my pregnancy, I tried to make it up by instilling the love of reading early in my daughter.

The story goes like this: When she was just an infant, I got her some board books and showed her once in a while. But then at 14 months on a doctor’s scheduled visit, he asked me, “Does she recognize 5 objects?” I was flummoxed.

I didn’t know it was a milestone. No, my darling didn’t recognize 5 objects if we asked her. So before returning home, I made a stop at a book store and bought a couple of big picture books for my child. I made it a point to show her those books every day. She liked them, she loved them and she tore them. Well, what do you expect of a toddler? In three months, she was not only able to recognize nearly 50 objects but also able to name a few.

This prompted me to buy more books for her. She tore some, but she read quite a lot of them.

Here are a few books that my daughter read:

Board books: For an infant, board books with big bold pictures are ideal as they are easy to hold, flip and learn. The bigger and the bolder the image, the more interesting it is for babies.

My advice: Try not to buy very expensive ones as little kids tend to tear them.

Pepper: Thanks to one of my friends who had gifted a Pepper book to my daughter, I was able to introduce Pepper to her at a very early age. She loves the adorable pup and his relatable stories on teaching manners and values to little kids. The little pup is also a hit with mothers as it makes their work a little easier and manageable. I have got quite a few Pepper books to her and she enjoys them all. And then there is Bubbles which is equally fun and interesting.

Books for toddlers - Pepper books

Letterland Books: Just a few days back, I came across this lady who owns a book store. She gave me tips on how to choose a good back, how to tell a good story to your child and such other tips. I knew she was trying to sell me but I realized that the woman was a mine of information that I could use. After one hour of talking with her, I ended up buying two books for my daughter. They are expensive books but a huge hit with my daughter. Every morning and evening she comes to me with her Letterland books and asks to be read from them.

Books for toddlers - Letterland books

Warning: Your child will never tire of them even if you do.

Dr. Seuss: Who hasn’t heard of ‘One fish two fish red fish blue fish’ by Dr. Seuss? These books are older than me and yet equally popular with today’s children too. Dr. Seuss’ are simple rhyming books for your little tots who are beginning to read.

Books for toddlers - Dr. Seuss

Tell you a secret: Whenever I feel like reading a book to my daughter, it’s Dr. Seuss that I pick up.

Britannica Early Discovery: There’s an embarrassing story behind it. A door-to-door salesman came to sell me these books. Not only I opened the door (like an idiot) to him but also bought these overpriced books from him. But tell you something? These books are a prized find. You don’t find them at your corner book shops or big stores.

Books for toddlers - Britannica Early Discovery

Some pearls of wisdom that I have gathered over the years:

  • If you child likes to tear books, buy only cheaper books with big images.
  • Any book is a gem if your child loves it. I remember my daughter being so fascinated with the cover page illustration of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone that she demanded I read it to her. Do you think I needed a second bidding? 🙂
  • Don’t enroll your child in any phonics class you come across. You can teach phonics with books or audio/video.
  • Fairy tales are not for young kids as they are too small to understand the difference between the real world and a make-believe one. Introduce fairy tales only after 7 years.
  • Gift books. It’s a sure-shot way of receiving them back. Naughty! On a serious note, once people know your and your child’s interest in books, they are bound to gift or suggest you books that you might not have discovered yourself.

Do you know of other interesting books that your child loves to read? Do share here. Happy reading!