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Book Review – The Puffin Book of Holiday Stories

The Puffin Book of Holiday Stories

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My daughter upon reading the title of the book was grinning from ear to ear. A book on holidays, well, what could be better than that!

I looked at the table of contents and was super impressed too – the book had stories from prominent Indian writers like Rabindranath Tagore, Ruskin Bond and Sudha Murthy and also my favs like Shabnam Minwalla, Manjula Padmanabham and Lubaina Bandukwala.

There are 14 stories in all and their central theme is HOLIDAYS.


Tagore’s story is about an old man journeying in a train coach full of young boys returning to school after their summer holidays and how he befriends them.  Ruskin Bond’s story is an excerpt from his original story Life with Uncle Ken, where he spends his holidays with his granny and his crazy, eccentric and weird Uncle Ken. It’s tempting me to get my hands on the original story now. Sudha Murthy’s story is picked from her book Grandma’s bag of stories.

I liked how in each story, there was a different flavor of holiday and merry-making. But, my most favorite is by Lubaina Bandukwala. And the reason – I am a big fan of Alphonso Mangoes, and Kesar comes a close second.

In The Great Mango War, two arch enemies and neighbors wage a war against each other. The most interesting aspect about this war is that they don’t fight, but send mango desserts to each other. One wants to prove that Alphonso mangoes are better and the other one is rooting for Junagadhi Kesar mangoes. And the best part is – neither of them loves mangoes. Isn’t that crazy!!?? At the end, both girls are able to resolve their differences and become friends.

I have told you the story, haven’t I? Well, I don’t want to do any more damage than I already have. Go pick up this book and enjoy the rest of the stories first hand.

Age group

8 to 100 years

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