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Book Review – One Lonely Tiger

Book Review of One Lonely Tiger by Puffin Books

Image: Penguin India

One Lonely Tiger is written by Benita Sen and illustrated by Sekhar Mukherjee. It is about a tiger who lives alone in the jungle. At times he gets a little bored and tries to chase his own shadow. He realizes the need for playmates and goes in search of one. He finds some jackals, but is soon upset with their howling. He bumps into a babbler clan and manages to frighten them. He gets along with a friendly elephant. He is advised to hop by an old wise owl. He learns to hop amidst much cheering by his new found friends.

One day, he realizes that lumberjacks are cutting trees. Saddened by the sight, he hops off the earth and travels to the stars, moon and the Mars. Once again, he is lonely among the stars. He looks down and tries to find his beloved forest.


Short and simple text and lovely illustrations keep the book engaging. I like the way counting is introduced in the story urging kids to count numbers. I am also impressed by the clever suggestion of deforestation in the story. Kids should learn about the importance of forests and environment at an early age.

One Lonely Tiger is a good read for 4-6 year olds.

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