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Book Review – In My Heart

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In My Heart is a lovely little book that you will be glad you read.

Little Mia comes into the life of her mother and father through their hearts. The 4-year old wants to know how she came out of her parents’ hearts. When she comes to know that one of her friend’s mother is going to have a baby soon and that her tummy will shrink once the baby is out – she is a little agitated. She asks her mother if her heart shrunk too after she came out.

That is when she comes to know about her tummy mummy. She wants to meet her tummy mummy and visits a few places like the children’s clinic and home and asks the doctors and nurses there if they knew her tummy mummy. All deny, but they express their love for little Mia. At the end, Mia knows that everyone who came into her life loved her, including her tummy mummy.


In my heart is a good read for 4 to 8 year olds. The book breaks a few myths and taboos around adoption. Adopted kids can be loved by all and have a normal, happy childhood like the rest of their counterparts.

Not only the narration is simple and cheerful, Nandana has used positive words to drive her point home. Also, the illustrations are lovely and apt.

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