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Birthday Parties – Treat for your child, misery for you!

birthday party

I still vividly remember the day when my daughter got her first (formal) invitation for a birthday party, how excited I was. In fact, the poor little girl, at that moment of time, had no idea what a birthday party meant, but I was over the moon. FYI, we hadn’t celebrated her birthday till she was 3 years old.

So for the party, I dressed her up in a baby pink dress of silk and tulle, made her wear party shoes and put a pretty bow in her soft silky hair. Oh, she was the picture of perfection! Well, I dressed up too, not in a long flowing gown, but smartly. This trend continued for a few birthday parties. I loved to meet other mommies, exchange amusing, sometimes horror stories of our kids, play games with my daughter as per the game’s host and win prizes, get similar tattoos done and eat cake and party food. But, the fun didn’t last long.

Well, that was then. And now, I dread getting a party invite and groan out aloud when I do get one. The whole birthday party thing has become Boring, with a capital B. The same mommies who invariably make the same small talks, the same games hosts who make you play the same games, everytime (also kid’s parties are for kids. Better not include me in those dances and sing-alongs that suck.), the same magicians dishing out the same tricks (now even the kids know how they do it and go on to explain the sleight of hand behind it.), and the same party venues (McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell) – same, same, same!

The kids may be in their element, but it certainly feels mental torture to me.

As for the birthday gifts, that’s another nightmare, I am telling you. I feel my life being spent on deciding what to buy for and what to give to the birthday child. The gift needs to be unique and as per the aptitude of the child. It becomes kind of difficult to know that when you do not know the child so well.

Well, I have started doing a couple of things for that:

  • Firstly, I ask the mothers to give a few suggestions on the things their children like or want as a gift. It gives me a fair idea of the things I should buy as per my budget.
  • Secondly, I see if I already have a few things in my home that should suit the birthday child. They are games/toys/books that I might have bought previously for gifting purpose (I tend to buy in bulk when I am expecting a few birthday invites. It helps me get them at a fair price.) or my child had got them as gifts (but couldn’t use them as she already had a similar thing or the gift wasn’t ideal for her). It helps reducing the space in my loft and the carbon footprint too.

Now, coming back to the birthday parties, seriously, I can’t wait for my daughter to grow up and start attending these parties on her own. Until then, I need to show up and plaster a smile, all the time pitying the close-to-tears hostess, and counting the days to when I would be throwing a similar birthday party for my daughter. Because the only thing more boring than attending a child’s birthday party is throwing your child’s birthday party.


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