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Are you fit for labor?

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Even before I had thought of conceiving, I was very sure of one thing. That it would be a natural childbirth for me. I was so stuck up with my birth plan that I couldn’t think of any other possibility. I even had nightmares of having a Cesarean section.

To make sure that I had a normal delivery, I would ask my OB/GYN and friends and family and would search on the Internet for useful tips. As per my doctor’s advice, I ate healthy and nutritious food all through my pregnancy and walked for at least an hour every day. But for a successful natural childbirth, you need to survive a long and tedious labor too. You need strength, oodles of patience and the right frame of mind for labor.

As soon as I completed 36 weeks, I started following these tips to help me during the labor:

  • Concentrated on eating hot foods as they help induce contractions. So I ate papaya and pineapple which are usually prohibited all through the pregnancy as they are known to induce contractions.
  • Ate healthy as to avoid constipation (it obstructs the baby from engaging his head). Hence, drank hot milk twice a day with 2 tsp ghee. It tasted yuck!
  • Took ghanthoda (Peepramol/Tagar/Valeriana wallichii) powder which is supposed to give you strength to endure the labor.
  • Instead of joining ante-natal classes, I practised breathing exercises especially anulom-vilom every day at home.
  • And last but not the least; I still walked for an hour every day. But I have some friends who swear by the benefits of exercising on the birthing ball.

NB: These tips are helpful during labor but they do not guarantee a natural childbirth. A normal delivery depends on a lot of factors like the baby’s position, your overall health/complications during pregnancy and finally your and baby’s health during the labor.

Do you have any other tips to induce labor naturally and help during labor? Feel free to share here.

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