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An Afternoon Well Spent At Dolphin Aquarium

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Visit to Irla Dolphin Aquarium

Since a long time, my neighbor cum friend and I had decided to visit the nearby aquarium with our little daughters. But what with one thing or the other, we could never make it.

But today morning, I was an inspired person (a little guilty too of neglecting my daughter of late;  I am sure all mothers feel that way at one point or the other even though we stay with them the whole time and look after all their needs and tantrums). I wanted to do something different for my daughter. That something had to be ‘only’ for her. So I called up my neighbour first thing in the morning and invited them to join us. And surprise of all surprises, we finally got that empty window for our playdate.

So when the clock struck 12, we stepped out with our daughters all dolled up and their bags full of water bottles, snacks, napkins and ball (oh yes, my daughter’s one of the many balls is with us all the time; she even refuses to sleep without one. Every night is a fight for space as the ball also needs to rest with us on the bed).

Anyways, (enough about the ball) the Dolphin aquarium (the name’s misleading; there are no dolphins) though located in the congested Irla, Vile Parle area of Mumbai, is well-secluded and has a good parking area nearby. It houses lots of fishes (I don’t even remember their names now. Let me still try; upside down catfish, albino fish, nah, just leave it at that. I remember the colours though; white, black, red, orange, silver, etc.). Clean tanks and beautiful fishes; girls went ga-ga over them. But 5 minutes later, they had forgotten all about the fishes swimming around them and got busy with the green ball (not again!)

visit to the aquarium

The girls enjoyed their train ride though I didn’t hear my little one singing her favourite “Puff a train, puff a train!” May be another time.

visit to the aquarium

And finally, they showed how happy they were with their little excursion. Mission successful! Next visit, Taraporewala Aquarium!

visit to the aquarium

For the moment, I am happy looking at my little pumpkin sleeping heavily after her little picnic.

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  1. oh i didnt know there was a dolphin aquarium there. thanks! will take Aiden there soon!

  2. Hey Janice, the name’s misleading..there’s no dolphins there, just many different types of fishes. Visit it late afternoon as your little one can then try out horse-riding too.

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