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Hello! I am Anshu Bhojnagarwala – Chief Ladoo Maker at The Soul Kitchen.

I am also a Parent Blogger, Health and Fitness Enthusiast and an Advocate of Homemade Food.

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I started First Time Mommy in July 2013 to share my pregnancy and parenting journey with other first time mothers. My blog is a one-stop blog for wellness tips for pregnancy to lessons on gentle and positive parenting and nutrition and health tips for both mother and kid.

However, along the journey, I realized I was much more than a blogger.

It all started 5 years ago with my daughter asking for chocolate cookies at a mall.

I told her, “Let me make it for you at home. It would be better for you than store bought cookies.”

That day, I took a stand. No Processed Foods at HOME. I started making ladoos and halwas, baking cakes and cookies, making fresh fruit jams and pasta sauces for my family.

It’s been more than 5 years since I embarked on my healthy journey, and it’s been very soul-satisfying. This led to the germination of The Soul Kitchen.

The Soul Kitchen offers traditional, healthy and nutrient rich foods for a soul satisfying and guilt-free experience. I use local superfoods to create a variety of convenient snacking options for active kids and adults alike.

You can now buy traditionally made Homemade Products from The Soul Kitchen. Your order will be delivered at your doorstep, free of charge. Follow @thesoulkitch either on Instagram or Facebook.

I am not saying it’s the BEST, but my traditional handmade offerings are Better For You and Your Family as they are the same ladoos that I give in my daughter’s tiffin box too.

I also do product reviews, and have so far reviewed products for Tanishq, Kellogs, Eureka Forbes, Dr. Fixit, Baby First, Photojaanic, Chu Chu TV, Perfico, BumChum Diapers, Adlabs Imagica, Johnson’s, Casio, Dettol, etc.

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Should you want a product review or book review done, fill up the Contact Me form.

I am also a fiction writer who loves reading, especially murder mysteries. No prizes then for guessing that Agatha Christie is my all-time favorite. Recently, I launched my eBook Tara on Amazon which was well received by readers. Do check out my other blog if you want to read some great fiction – https://anshubhojnagarwala.wordpress.com/





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  1. crazyguyinthailand

    Nice blog, I’m sure you will be a good mom don’t worry 🙂

  2. Hey Anshu,

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    Apart from monetary incentives, this association will definitely boost your standing in the community too. Let me know if you are interested so that we can get you started right away.

    Pallavi Sarkar

  3. Ratna sharma

    hi dear
    it was really nice to read your blog its like reading your own experience.rite now my ninth month going on. All d best for future

    • Hi Ratna,

      Thanks so much for patronizing my blog. Hope it continues to help you. And congratulations! Do let me know when the baby comes! Would love to hear from you.

      Take care.

  4. Hi- Been following your posts from some time now & very impressed with the content.

    We have started a new website- http://www.goschooling.com, which is an exclusive online guide for Preschools in India.

    Our website will have all the information a parent needs before deciding on a Preschool.

    Would love to be associated with you for blogs section & if you can write on any topic related to Kids & Parenting.

    Pls let me know your interest & financials.



  5. Dear Anshu,

    I am connecting on behalf of CareBuddy, a mobile application, providing summarised and customised content for working women based on their behavioural pattern.

    Please have a go at the app: http://www.carebuddy.co

    I happen to go through your blog while preparing content for our app and thought our goals and a sub-part of our target audience, working mothers, matches with firsttimemommy.
    Therefore, I would be grateful if you could setup a phone call to discuss about a partnership opportunity.


    Ishan Jha

    • Hello Ishan, Thanks for writing to me. I am interested in knowing about this partnership opportunity you mentioned. My no. is 99200 84326, however, I can do only a what’s app call, due to poor network reception in my area. Will 2 pm tomorrow work for you? Meanwhile, I will go through the site. Thanks, Anshu Bhojnagarwala

  6. Sejal

    Hi Anshu,

    Writing this e-mail to enquire about publishing content on your website – https://firsttimemommy.net for one of our clients. Will tell you the clients name when we get on a call to discuss further. Till then, wanted to know if we can publish content related to pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, post pregnancy & baby care advice on your website. If yes, kindly share your rate card per blog & also any guidelines that needs to be followed.

    In case of any queries, feel free to reach out to me on 8655325223. Also, tried calling you. It shows number not available.

    Awaiting a positive response.

    Thank You!

  7. Eva Newermann

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    If you want to participate, you can find out more on my website.

  8. Yes, this is nice looking blog. Keep adding more post.

  9. Hi Anshu,

    Good to see a blogger started right from 2013! Well I am not a mommie, but to get a better idea about ‘first time mommy’, I can here to check out your blog! 😀
    You definitely have a great blog. Hope I can recommend your blogs to some mommies soon.

    • mammaspeaks

      Hello Jithin,
      Thank you so much. I am glad that you liked my blog. Please feel free to recommend to mommies. It will definitely help them even if I say so myself. 🙂
      However, do check out my other blog where I write fiction and book reviews. You will get a better idea of my writing prowess. 🙂

  10. Pavitra

    Hello Ma’am,
    I am from a PR Agency, I am updating my database of Parenting Bloggers. Can you please share your email address here?

  11. Very interesting. Keep on writing.

  12. Thank for your post sharing with us. Really it’s a very helpful post. Hope everybody will be benefited from your post

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