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A Tale of Cats, Dogs and Mommy

I am no animal lover. And before you start judging me and hating me, I must mention I am no animal hater too. I don’t wish them any harm and it bleeds me to see any animal hurt. It’s just that I like to maintain a safe distance with them.

My husband loves dogs. And he has been after my life to bring one home. I put my foot down.

“Me or dogs!” has been my stand. So far it has worked wonderfully. My hubby has thankfully preferred me (I must mention, we have not yet been married for 7 yrs).

But now enters another dogs and cats lover in the family; my little daughter. Now this girl at two is fearless. She pats the dogs and shakes their paws. Be it a ferocious pet or a dirty stray; she loves them all.


She runs after the cats too. On one instance, she calls, to the cat that is hiding from her, in her unclear toddler language. “Ctat, meown, meown. Ctat, tum here!” But the cat remains impervious to her coaxing. She is distressed and calls out for the cat again. After a while, she gives up her chase and comes to me crying. “Ctat, ctat!” Oh, my sweet pumpkin.

I know what I am fighting against. Very soon, the daddy-daughter duo is going to gang up against me. I don’t know how far I can fight them. People say it doesn’t take much time to fall in love with your pet. Ok, accepted. But I don’t want to love another being. I have enough people to love whom I am not able to do justice. One more, I can’t take.

My take: The hubby goes to work and hence unable to look after the animal for 10 hours. My daughter is too small to take care of a dog/cat herself. So the responsibility would be automatically mine. I would need to take them for walks, clean after them and feed them. So after all, it would become my pet. And I’d never wanted one in the first place. Is it fair?

My request: You may bring a pet home when the daughter turns 12-13 or whenever she is old and responsible enough to take care of the bet. Is it too much to ask for? Am I being selfish?

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