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A Memorable Monsoon Holiday in Coorg

Lush green meadows in Coorg during monsoon holiday

A memorable monsoon holiday in Coorg

Today the #XploreBharat Blog Train has come to a halt at Coorg from the serene and spiritual Pondicherry on Prerna Wahi’s blog. The next stop of this #XploreBharat Blog Train is Aalo at Ajit’s blog musings.

My parents have a lifelong membership of Club Mahindra Resorts. So when we were looking for available Mahindra resorts during Ganpati holidays, Coorg came up with high recommendation. The time was right for a monsoon holiday in Coorg and Mahindra Resort in Madikeri was available. Without wasting much time, we booked our hotel, flight tickets and cab.

We took a flight from Mumbai to Coorg and then rented a cab to Coorg. We were 6 adults and 2 toddlers. It took us approx. 6 hours to reach Coorg with a couple of pitstops.

The journey on the whole was through the plains, however the last 1-2 hours saw us through winding roads. We were met with rains on our arrival, but when welcomed at the hotel with hot coffee laced with jaggary, it revived our spirits.

Travel from Bengaluru to Coorg:

We took a cab from Bengaluru to Coorg. However, there are various ways to reach Coorg. There is an airport at Mangalore and the distance from Mangalore to Coorg is 140 kms and shorter too (takes 3 hours), however, has winding roads which might not be conducive for people with altitude sickness. You can take a train to Mysore and then a cab from Mysore to Coorg. Mysore is 107 kms and takes 2-3 hours to reach to Coorg.

Collage of fun places in Coorg like Abbey waterfalls, coffee plantations, green pastures and deer park

8 Fun places to see in Coorg

8 Places to see in Coorg:

We were told that Coorg is the Scotland of India. Well, I can’t comment on that, as I haven’t visited Scotland, but I found Coorg to be clean and green.

Abbey Falls: The hike to the falls involves 150-200 steps, but the view is totally worth it. And just imagine our little kids of 3 also managed to climb up and down the steps. River Kaveri falling over huge rocks makes up for a mesmerising sight, and also the spray from the falls delights kids to no end.

Abbi Falls in Coorg

Abbi Falls in Coorg

Raja’s Seat: A charming garden and one of the most picturesque points of Madikeri, you get a view of rolling lush hills and green valleys. Try visiting it at sunset, the view of Coorg is incomparable.

View from Raja's Seat in Coorg

View from Raja’s Seat in Coorg

TalaCauvery: Talacauvery is the source of the river Kaveri. At its origin, a tank is built. The river more like a spring at this juncture feeds into the tank and then flows underground and re-emerges as Kaveri some distance away. A temple is built around the tank which is dedicated to Goddess Kaveriamma. It is a popular tourist attraction and people flock to witness the sight when the spring gushes water into the tank for the first time in the season.

We had a sumptuous snack of piping hot Maggi noodles at a roadside stall near this site which tasted heavenly in soaking rains.

Dubare Elephant Camp: Over 150 elephants are daily bathed, fed and trained in this camp, and you can witness all of this. Moreover, you can ride the elephants too for a small fee. You need to cross the river in a ferry boat to reach to the camp or else you can cross the river on foot too.

Dubare Elephant camp in Coorg

Dubare Elephant camp in Coorg

If you are keen on water sports, this is the place known for water rafting.

NisargaDham: It is an island, off the state highway, surrounded by Kaveri river. The island can be accessed by crossing a hanging bridge. The island is home to bamboo groves, sandalwood and teak trees. Deer park, children’s park, elephant rides and boating are some of the major attractions of this site.

There are many eateries outside this place and you can even shop for local chocolates, spices and other knick-knacks here.

Namdroling Monastery (Golden Temple): If you thought Tibetans lived only in the North India, you wouldn’t be more wrong. Bylakuppe in Coorg is the second biggest Tibetan settlement in India. Namdroling Monastery at Bylakuppe gives a glimpse into the rich heritage of Tibet.

Chikhlihole Reservoir: If you are a nature lover and don’t mind a secluded place which is not thronged by tourists, then this is a must-visit site. Nestled between verdant hills, it’s a sight for sore eyes. You walk through the green meadows and grazing cattle and come upon the river Kaveri gushing forcefully into the reservoir bowl. Instead of a taking a cab, you can hike all the way to the dam.

Chikhlihole Reservoir in Coorg

Chikhlihole Reservoir in Coorg

Coffee plantations: Coorg is known for Coorgi coffee and you wouldn’t want to miss a walk through coffee plantations. Most resorts have their own coffee plantations and they offer free walks. However, you can take a paid one on one of the numerous private coffee estates and learn the entire process of planting it to the time when it comes brewed in a mug.

Time to visit Coorg:

We visited Coorg in the monsoon, in the first week of September. Though it was raining a lot, it didn’t inconvenience us much. The falls were in their full glory and also the lush green landscape was a sight to behold in the monsoon (June-September). Also, monsoon is the best time to go for river rafting and other water sports.

Green pastures during monsoon in Coorg

Green pastures during monsoon in Coorg

However, November-February would be a better time to visit this place as it doesn’t rain much and give you the feeling of a true hill station. Also, you can buy some of the fresh harvested coffee at this time.

The summer season from March to May is an ideal time too for a holiday in Coorg if you are looking to escape the heat of the cities and stay somewhere cool to relax.

Places to stay in Coorg:

We stayed at Club Mahindra in Madikeri and there are various popular resorts in this area. Another popular resort is Orange County. There are many Homestay options available which is worth checking out.

Public transportation in Coorg:

You will hardly see any taxis or autos in Coorg. We hired a 6-day long taxi from Bengaluru which helped us in our day excursions in and around Madikeri. You can also request to hire a taxi from your hotel or drive to Coorg in your own car.

Food in Coorg:

Coorg is known for its Coorgi cuisine. Unfortunately, there are not much eating out options in Coorg. In spite of Café Coffee Day sourcing its beans from Coorg and most Indian coffee coming from this place, Coorg doesn’t boast of a single CCD or other cafes. Hence, for food you are entirely at the mercy of the hotel or Homestay you are staying in. However, you will get many fresh fruits which you can buy from the local market.

There are a few eateries in KaushalNagar which is a good 1-2 hours away from Madikeri.

Shopping in Coorg: As mentioned earlier, Coorg is famous for its coffee, chocolates and spices.

While we were apprehensive of traveling for a holiday in Coorg with two small kids, we needn’t have been. The kids enjoyed themselves at every place we visited. From the spray of cold water at Abbey falls to riding on the majestic elephants and spotting deer in Nisargdham, they had a great time. Even the 6-hour long journey was uneventful as they were sleeping through it most of the time.

Coorg is a place where the time moves in slow motion and asks you to do the same. Just relax in the beautiful weather and get rejuvenated with all the greenery around you. I would strongly recommend enjoying a monsoon holiday in Coorg at least once in a lifetime.

Dubare Elephant camp in Coorg is a great place for a family holiday in monsoon

8 fun places to visit in Coorg

Chikhlihole reservoir in Coorg and Club Mahindra resort in Madikeri Coorg

A memorable Monsoon holiday in Coorg









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  1. Coorg has been on my must-visit list and your beautiful description escalated my willingness to go:)
    Thanks for the detailed post on Coorg!
    Aditi Kapur recently posted…Chandigarh- City Beautiful with a HeartMy Profile

    • mammaspeaks

      Aditi, if you are planning a trip down south, do keep Coorg in mind. You will never regret it and come back with some lovely memories of the people and place.

  2. Have been to Coorg when I was in Bangalore and love the place totally. After visiting I understood why it is called as Scotland of India. Its mesmerizing beauty is captivating. Great post, Anshu.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Vartika. Coorg is indeed beautiful, I mean nature at it’s raw and pristine best. The roads were clean and the pastures so green, it helped as we were traveling in the rainy season.

  3. Wow Post on Wonderous Coorg. I had bought ample coffee, chocolates and not to miss homemade Wines from this Tranquil and peaceful place. Loved your post that refreshed my memories of our stay in coffee plantations.
    Pr@Gun recently posted…Why MilesWeb is best for bloggers?My Profile

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Pragun. My husband got so much coffee from there that we had to pay extra for luggage! In fact, long after we came back, we kept on ordering coffee from Mahindra’s resort as they have a coffee shop in their premises.

  4. Thats a beautiful write-up on a beautiful place. I have visited Coorg and loved it for all these reasons and your article has done full justice to it!

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Prerna. I am glad you liked it, and also the fact that you have experienced this beautiful place yourself.

  5. I have spent 5 yrs in Mysore and Coorg was my favorite destination weekend destination. Infact I have visited Madikeri/Coorg with my parents, for official trip and with my husband as well. Famously known as Scotland of South, this place is a mesmerizing beauty. Your post brought back memories.

    • mammaspeaks

      Wow, Sonia, to be able to visit Coorg often is really a boon. It is indeed beautiful and peaceful. Prior to visiting this place, I just knew it was where Aishwarya Rai came from. Ha ha, seriously, I am glad I could visit this place and experience it myself.

  6. Fantastic post, and some amazing snaps to go with them. There’s something about water bodies that makes me want to have a swim, and those couple of pics really made me feel so.
    I didn’t know much about Coorg, except for the fact that it is a travel destination. Thanks for this informative post.??

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Ajit. I agree there is something about water bodies that makes you calm. However, I am quite scared of water bodies especially if I can’t see their bottom as I can’t swim. 🙂

  7. Wow… Lovely… This is so detailed. Have heard so much about this place… The photos are beautiful…

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Esha, glad you loved it. Thanks for the blog train, it helped me compile this long pending post. Photos are by my hubby, will send him the compliments. 🙂

  8. Seema Taneja

    Thank you for taking me to beautiful Coorg through your detailed and well crafted post Anshu. Loved your photos too.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Seema, in fact I was surprised till the blog train happened that I hadn’t written a post on Coorg yet. All credit goes to my hubby; he clicks excellent photos. 🙂

  9. I have visited Coorg and loved every bit of it! But I have not visited all the places that you have mentioned – maybe next time…:)
    Jayanthi recently posted…Mysuru, Karnataka, IndiaMy Profile

    • mammaspeaks

      Hello Jayanthi, glad you have visited Coorg, it’s such a magical place. And I also think it’s good you have not visited all the places, but it gives you a reason to visit it again.

  10. Great post! Lovely, detailed descriptions and all the green in the photos is so soothing ☺️

  11. Talakaveri is one place I would like to visit. And Abbi falls looks like a mini version of the Niagara!. Your descriptions are really vivid and I would definitely visit Coorg some day. And it is news to me that CCD sources its coffee beans from Coorg. I visit the CCD near our office rarely sometimes. Very informative post indeed.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Jai! Yes, both these places are beautiful and worth visiting in the lifetime. We were told CCD’s owner’s wife hails from this region and he has helped uplift the area. 🙂

  12. It is known as the Scotland of India for a reason and your post very informatively justifies it. Lovely post.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  13. We went to Coorg over a long weekend almost a decade ago. I was amazed to see the golden monastery. We couldn’t make it to water rafting or elephant camp. Keeping in mind to do it during our next visit. I loved how to shared tiny details and your personal thoughts.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Pragnya for liking the post. I am glad you got to visit this place and liked it too. yes, there’s so much to do there apart from relaxing, that it deserves a second or a third visit.

  14. A wonderful round up of Coorg, Anshu! I have visited it more than once, and love it a little bit more every time. Wish you would have tried the local cuisine though, it is excellent!

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Mayuri. This is the plight of my life, I don’t eat meat while Coorgi pork dishes are very famous. My husband got to enjoy while I stayed happy and satisfied with my paneer and kadhai subji. 🙂

  15. Thanks for capturing the Coorg beauty incredibly. Loved it to the core

  16. I visited Coorg Sometime back, and sadly I missed many of these spots. My driver was too bad and lazy to take us anywhere. And I visited hardly 2-3 spots from your list. I may have to plan another trip to cover the remaining ones, especially that reservoir and Dubare.

    • mammaspeaks

      Oh that’s sad, Supriya! But no issues, the place itself is so beautiful that wherever you go, you come across some charming sights. Hope you can visit it again and all those places too! 🙂

  17. Coorg is my bucket list. Wanted to pay a visit but couldn’t do so because of my schedule. Thanks a lot for the virtual tour.

  18. Coorg looks so beautiful and mesmerizing in the pictures you have posted .It’s in my bucket list ,though I have tasted the famous chocolates and coffee and their flavours are just awesome.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Pallavi! They were clicked by my husband and I agree they have come out very well. Coorgi coffee is indeed very flavourful. Hope you can tick Coorg off your bucket list very soon! 🙂

  19. Coorg is a must visit place. You have covered it very well.

  20. I have never been to the South. I wish to visit and Coorg will be the perfect place to go.
    Even we are Club Mahindra corporate member, so I guess after reading and watching these pictures, I should make a plan soon.

    • mammaspeaks

      With Club Mahindra membership, you don’t need to think twice before going to Coorg. However, I would advise you to go stay at both Club Mahindra property and Orange County which are 1-2 hrs apart and both come with unique experiences.

  21. I went on a college trip here! thank you for this wonderful post!!

  22. I loved the beauty of Scotland of India’s through your blog. It looks lovely especially the view from the maharajas seat.

  23. One does so much in a lifetime that often tends to forget all that has been accomplished. Your post reminded me of the day trip that we made to Coorg from Mysore almost 13 years ago. We covered more than half the places you’ve mentioned in your post. Thanks for this post, for reminding me of how I have often been struck by wanderlust.

    • mammaspeaks

      Ha ha, such memories are priceless, Anupriya. When we travel, we realise how much we open ourselves, how much we learn and bring back a little from that place with us to stay forever.

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