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A glass of milk

I didn’t know that an innocent glass of milk could be the epicenter of such a huge argument. What’s in milk, after all? It seems, a lot!

When I started breastfeeding, I knew of two facts; till 6 months my little daughter would survive on my breast milk alone and till 1 year, any milk she drank was mine. But as I had written earlier, due to some circumstances, I had introduced dairy at 11 months along with breast milk.

To tell you the truth, I am very bad at asking people for advice or help. Some may perceive it as arrogance. But I know better, it’s usually shyness or most probably forgetfulness. So this time too, without consulting anybody I started with Amul Gold which has 4.5% fat milk. I had read in a baby book that an infant/toddler needs full fat milk fortified with vitamin D.

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But you know how people don’t let you live alone? You may be right or wrong, but you get advice, mockery or suggestion nonetheless. So was the case with me. People said, “Why Amul Gold? You should feed your child only cow’s milk. It’s pure and very good for kids.” One lady went as far as suggesting, “Try to get goat’s milk. Your child will become strong and healthy.”

And I thought, “Yeah, in a place like Mumbai when I have trouble finding unadulterated milk, where do I look for goat’s milk?”

But a few days ago when I visited the pediatrician, I made it a point to remember and ask him. As per him, I need to give my daughter full fat milk till she turns five. Thereafter, I could contain my curiosity no longer and ended up asking him, “What’s the deal with cow’s milk?”

And he said and I quote, “There’s no big deal with cow’s milk. If at all, it’s full of allergens.” I rest my case.

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