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9 Things No One Tells Us About How Hard Recovering From Childbirth Is Going To Be

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After effects of pregnancy

Pregnancy is all about eating right and how big your belly looks. But postpartum recovery poses serious challenges that no one ever talks about! Seriously, I am still pissed off with my mother and mother-in-law who didn’t say a word…NOT a word about this to me.

I am sharing with you things no one tells us about how hard recovering from childbirth is going to be:

1. Nether regions are messy and sore

A pain only a mother who has gone through a normal delivery will understand. The baby comes out of your ’vajayjay’ – that’s no little feat! Sometimes to facilitate easy delivery, the doctor makes a cut till your anus, and then stitches it up. This area, it goes without saying, hurts like nobody’s business. You can’t sit or lie down on your back. You need someone to apply anti-bacterial cream down there (don’t worry about shame…you will lose it somewhere during the childbirth and will never find it again), need to sit in hot tubs of salt or betadine, or sit on inflated rings to ease the pain.

2. Pooping is painful business

Peeing is still okay, but pooping is a nightmare, especially if you develop hemorroids. Once you sit to poop, you pray you never have to poop again in your lifetime. And, when you don’t feel like pooping, you wish you’d die than to have to poop the next time. It took me 4-5 months to recover from the episiotomy. Meanwhile, I visited a proctologist to know if I was the only one in this whole world who had this terrible pain, two different gynaecologists (I felt sure my OB/GYN was not giving me the complete picture) who didn’t tell me any different than what my OB/GYN had told me – that there was nothing wrong with me. And, of course, I had gulped down massive amounts of laxatives during this period.

3. Breastfeeding is not as easy as it seems

You might have fantasized about breastfeeding your little baby with all love and smiles. But, the reality is nowhere close to the fantasy. For let me tell you, a newborn might have latching problems, which means sore boobs for you. There were times in the initial one month, when I dreaded feeding my baby, and cried every time she cried for milk. It was such a painful business. As if feeding her wasn’t hard enough, my boobs would be hard and painful when she didn’t take a feed. I remember having expressed milk in the bathroom sink when once my daughter slept without taking a feed. It was so painful to see all that milk going down the drain, that I cried -which takes me to the next ill-effect of childbirth.

4. Hormones go for a toss

As if pregnancy isn’t hard enough, post pregnancy hormones are worse. You cry when there is something to cry about, but most times you cry for no reason at all. I remember crying for silly things that normally I wouldn’t even give two hoots about. My husband said I cried more than our baby did and started calling me a ‘cry baby’. To tell you frankly, I still haven’t recovered from my crying hormones completely, and can still cry at the drop of a hat.

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