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8 ways smart work from home mommies beat Monday morning blues

8 ways smart work from home mommies beat Monday morning blues

I have come across several memes saying that how work from home mothers don’t actually have weekends. I don’t completely agree with them. For on weekends, we do have the leisure of not setting the morning alarm or lolling around in bed a little bit more, because you don’t have to prepare lunchbox for your child or holler at him to get ready quickly for school. This feeling of meh stayed with me until Sunday afternoon for post lunch I was a bunch of nerves already moaning about the next morning. I realised that all this Monday morning stress was actually spoiling my weekend. So I took the matters in hand and brought in a few changes. Here are 8 ways smart work from home mommies beat Monday morning blues.

Are you a work from home mommy who dreads Monday morning blues? Here are 8 ways for work from home mommies to beat Monday morning blues. #firsttimemommy #workfromhomemothers #mondaymorningblues #howtobeatmondaymorningblues #workingmommyblues

8 ways smart work from home mommies beat Monday morning bluesPlan in advance: Whoever said that “Failing to plan is planning to fail” couldn’t have been more right. Planning wins more than half the battle. By Friday evening or latest by Saturday morning, make notes on your phone or stick the note on the refrigerator about –

  • What to pack in the school lunchbox
  • Breakfast and lunch menu
  • Project work of your child
  • My work-related plan (I have a spread sheet with the entire week’s work plan fed into it.)

Believe me, it makes life so simpler when you don’t have to wake up on Monday morning thinking “what do I cook today?” or worse still “where do I start from?”

Keep things ready: Now, follow that plan and accordingly keep things ready for:

  • Kitchen: Buy fruits and vegetables and grocery. Soak lentils and measure rice and keep it in a pan. I like to keep things ready in mini baskets the previous evening, so the next morning, I just have to take the basket out and get set to work. If you don’t have help, you might want to cut veggies and keep it ready to cook.
  • Child’s school: Ask your child to set her bag and keep the uniform ready. Check if all project work is complete or craft supplies to be carried from home have reached the bag. Older kids are responsible, but with smaller kids, you need to check this.
  • Work and others: While office going mommies prepare their office bag with essentials like water bottle, fruits, snack box, etc, I work from home, so I prepare my gym bag instead. The previous evening, I make sure to keep the water bottle, socks, protein powder, etc. in the gym bag.

Wake up early: On Monday morning, it helps to wake up just 5 minutes earlier than usual. I don’t know about you, but my mind and hands work a little find it difficult to catch up the tempo after a two-day break, so those extra 5 minutes come in handy.

Start with easier things: On waking up, I realise that I have a dozen things to finish before I can wake up my daughter – boil milk, tulsi water, cook lentils, soak rice, peel almonds and start picking up things from various corners of the house (I am sure there are elves in my home who set to work on messing up my place as soon as I turn in for the night). Jokes aside, I tackle the easiest chores first. My brain is still fuzzy and these mindless chores help me fully wake up.

Practise Pranayama: I start my week with Pranayama. These 15-min breathing exercises in peace and quiet helps me start my week on an energetic note. It also helps in keeping my lungs in a better shape, calms my mind, increases concentration and sharpens memory. And, they can be powerful weapons over the day as only a mother would know.

Go for a workout: After sending my daughter to school and keeping the tiffin ready for my husband, I head out to the gym. Missing Monday morning workout is a sin for me. A good day or week should always start with a good work out. Exercising releases serotonin or the happy hormones in your body and chases away those Monday morning blues. Also, I walk to the gym which helps me get some dose of my favourite sunshine.

Keep Mondays uncluttered: I try not to cram too much on Monday and keep it relatively lighter and freer, to avoid being overwhelmed. I also keep my Mondays free of work related phone calls. Instead, I devote the first day of the week to catch up on my blog statistics, write a new blog post and plan strategy for the week, etc.

Also, I don’t take phone calls on Monday mornings, they just eat into my work time and then I go spiralling into depression when I realise it is time for my daughter to come back home and I still haven’t finished my checklist. And if I absolutely have to take a phone call which permits use of hands, I use hands-free and do menial chores like taking off clothes drying on the clothes line, washing vegetables, arranging a cupboard, etc while talking. This way I utilise my time in a more productive way.

Give yourself food therapy: I am a strong advocate of food therapy. And, Monday morning, I am in extra need of it. For breakfast and lunch, I cook something simple, easy and lip-smacking-ly tasty. You need something interesting on your plate if you want to survive Monday morning.

Some handy tips for work from home mommies that will help you beat the Monday morning blues better:

  • Remember, even the best plans can fail. Be prepared for things going wrong at the last minute. Your alarm might ditch you or your help might decide to not turn up. Keep alternate plans as what you can cook without help or giving butter-toast, fruits or dry snacks in your child’s lunchbox or just giving him a food coupon.
  • Listen to soothing or soulful music/bhajan in the morning as soon as you get up or while cooking. It will calm you down.
  • Dress up to the nines. Just because you are a stay at home mother and only people who see you are your domestic help, is not good enough reason to be in your pjs. Wear a nice dress, put some colour onto your lips and eyes. Now, tell me if looking into the mirror with that smashing pink or bold red lipstick doesn’t perk you up and make you work better.
  • Indulge in a couple of pieces of dark chocolate as a mid-morning snack. The cocoa in it contains stimulants like caffeine and theobromine which improves brain function. I usually have it after my work out as its healthy antioxidants that act as anti-inflammatories help in post-workout recovery.
  • If things still don’t go your way, it’s alright. Monday is just a day, it will get over soon.
Are you a work from home mommy who dreads Monday morning blues? Here are 8 ways for work from home mommies to beat Monday morning blues. #firsttimemommy #workfromhomemothers #mondaymorningblues #howtobeatmondaymorningblues #workingmommyblues

8 ways smart work from home mommies beat Monday morning blues

With these simple tips, I don’t dread Monday mornings as earlier and take them in a better and more positive manner. Hope you found these 8 ways for smart work from home mommies to beat Monday morning blues useful. Do give a shout out if you enjoyed reading this post!!

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  1. Smaft tips for women to be more smart

  2. Love these tips. My Mondays are like the craziest. Son not willing to getup, mind not willing to wake up, husband not willing listen up and office mails not willing to shut up. The only trick that works for me is to “LET GO”. I know this sounds even crazy but I do. I start easy and do easy.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thanks Shipra. I know Mondays are so crazy – I used to get very stressed earlier, but of late they are much better. All these things have helped – especially the pranayama, it has helped me calm down tremendously.

  3. Ashley's Blog

    Thanks for sharing!! Amazing work!! Please check out my blog and I hope you like!!!

  4. Adi Sathe

    ThatsT a nice routine for a monday. Otherwise it will be most boring day…

  5. Disha

    Planning well in advance certainly helps in keeping tension at bay. Great tips to avoid Monday blues.

  6. Great tips! I too prefer planning in advance. I like the idea of keeping my bags ready and pranayam. Will include these

  7. Wow, so many doable tips for all. Food therapy and dark chocolate are the ones to be tried. And I too feel elves come to my place too…lol.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  8. roysashwata

    Very nice and informative post

  9. Really, really smart tips, Anshu! Thanks for sharing

  10. Preethi Venugopala

    Smart tips for smart moms!

  11. Smart management of time can bettter results. Great boost for work from home women. ?

  12. Dr Pooja Tripathi (@drpoojaa)

    Smart tips on work from home


    I loved ur articles this is really awesome i too got some good tips

  14. Except for packing lunch for the kids… I think it’s a post relevant for all work from home pros. I work from home and would definitely benefit from this post. Thanks

  15. shanayatales

    I loved reading your tips, and I can vouch for most of them, because I follow them day in and day out. Everything except the Monday morning workout. I do my daily Suryanamaskar, but that’s about it. I really do need to get on the morning exercise bandwagon.

  16. savorytales

    Great Tips ! And can be followed by everyone who works from home

  17. Very helpful post for all those who want to start work from home.

  18. I completely agree with the getting dressed tip! Oh and the dark chocolate is new for me. Gonna try it soon

  19. I think morning workout routine sets the day right especially on a Monday!

    • mammaspeaks

      Absolutely Purva! Monday morning workouts I try my best not to skip, because it makes me feel lethargic for the rest of the day!

  20. You are truly a smart stay at home mom. I love the dress to work tip the most. Just because you are staying at home, there’s no need to be a slob. I actually wear something nice, spritz on some perfume , slap some lipstick and even do my Freda Kahlo eybrows! Makes me feel good and purposeful.

    • mammaspeaks

      Hey, thank you for the compliment, Sunita! Perfume, now that’s something I don’t do. It’s a good tip – will too spritz some perfume or essential oil on my wrist. Freida Kahlo eyebrows – how did I miss them when we met??? 😉

      • Ah this is a new development a new eyebrow pencil that is a bit too dramatic for my face

        • mammaspeaks

          I am not very imaginative with makeup – a lipstick and kajal/eye liner are all that I do, but I am in awe of people who try new products and trends!

          • I’m a ‘bimbo’ in that sense. I love having a ‘makeover’ . Of course I don’t always have the time to do this but it is one of my favourite pastimes in an airport ! Do try it sometimes . A great way to have fun ….

          • mammaspeaks

            Sure I will try it now…and no you are not a bimbo – a person who writes in the way you do can absolutely can’t be. However, I don’t think being a bimbo is always a pejorative term, they have their qualities too – what do you think?

          • Oh yes ! There are enough clever blondes equally as they are dumb ones who rule the world !

  21. Not just smart but simple tips too… really helpful when you see it actually jotted down point wise 🙂

  22. Cool tips! I wish I could get out of my pjs and into a smart dress when working from home, but that hasn’t happened in more than a decade. Sigh.

    • mammaspeaks

      Damyanti, even I used to feel it was useless to dress up and sit in front of the laptop when no one was watching you. But when I get dressed and start working, I can feel a new zing in my work.

  23. vidhya29

    amazing tips! love your articles! #Viddhreads #Myfriendalexa

  24. I purposely read the list from the last point.A byte of chocolate and you can never go wrong 😀 You are right when you say that one should dress up and sit near the work table. I have been following this for the last couple of weeks and I can actually experience a sea of change in my quality of work! If only there are no distraction…sigh!
    Great post and tips 🙂

    • mammaspeaks

      Ha ha, I know dark chocolate (of late I have taken special liking to Amul’s dark chocolate) is a life saviour on crazy monday mornings. My work table is near the window where my little garden is, so whenever I feel like taking a break, I just turn around and look at my potted greens. 🙂 May be that’s another post I should do – places where you should have your work table..LOL

  25. These are some very smart, workable tips. Thanks for sharing.

  26. momtasticworld

    I am that mom who thinks that number of hours in a day are less and my work is more. I am loving these tips and saved the post, I am sure it will help me get a little more organized.

    • mammaspeaks

      Ha ha, I agree, there are certainly those days. working on getting rid of that feeling and having more time than chores! Some day 🙂

  27. Loved reading this positive post, Anshu. Preparation is the night for the next morning and dressing up are the two things, I swear by. Will try to follow the rest ponts too 🙂

  28. rashimital

    I got stuck at dark chocolate. Plus, I have not just monday blues but in fact once everyday. So guess some of these pointers will come in handy. #LiveItYoungReads #MyFriendAlexa

    • mammaspeaks

      Dark chocolate – how can we go wrong with that?? Well, it’s not only useful for chasing Monday morning blues, but also to lift up the mood whenever we want to! These small things are what makes life more interesting!

  29. Great tips which will work for me too
    .Planning helps a lot .

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