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8 sitcoms I binge watch to feel on top of the world

If you are feeling low or in need of a picker-upper, check out these 8 sitcoms I binge watch to feel on top of the world. These comedy TV shows work!! #firsttimemommy #bestsitcoms #besttvshowstobingewatchever #happytvshowstowatch #muchwatchtvshows

8 sitcoms you will love to binge watch

There are days when I feel all down and gloomy – because I had an unexpected exchange of sharp words with my best friend or partner, things didn’t go as I had planned or I am just PMSing. I feel listless and restless. I sit with a book, but it doesn’t keep me engaged. Meditation and self reflection don’t help either. And that is when I know only TV can perk me up. For all the bad press TV and TV shows get TV series are the best anecdote to make me forget the worldly woes and see the ray of sunshine even on a heavily cloudy day. So, these are the 8 sitcoms I binge watch to feel on top of the world.

Big Bang Theory: Four socially awkward brilliant scientists and a beautiful, albeit sexy neighbour – what do you expect? Well, hormones rage and sparks fly. You will love Big Bang Theory for Sheldon Cooper’s comic and supercilious attitude, Leonard’s goof ups, Rajesh’s cute Indianness and Howie’s disgusting sexual innuendos. And add to that Penny’s perky prettiness and sarcasm and you have a hilarious TV show at your hand.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S: You can’t be talking about sitcoms and not mention the longest running comedy TV series FRIENDS. When you see the six friends taking friendly jibes at each other and being there for each other, the world feels suddenly alright. You feel like calling up your best friends and talking to them for hours. Though Chandler Bing’s wit is legendary, I love Ross for his deadpan expressions and comic goof ups. I am so addicted to FRIENDS, that I watch at least one episode every night before sleeping. It’s my detox.

Mom: It’s a show about a mother and daughter duo, recovering drug and alcohol addicts, who after much upheavals in their life choose to rebuild their relationship and life together. Life is not hunky dory, but both deal with all sorts of issues with amazing aplomb.

Bonnie (Allison Janney) gives a brilliant performance as a sharp witted often bordering at rude, while Christy (Anna Farris) doesn’t let her mother forget for even one instance how her neglect ruined her life. It’s fun watching the two exchange sharp wit. Supporting them are their friends from AA, Marjorie, Jill, Wendy and Bonnie’s fiancé, Adam.

Two and a half men: Well, I started watching the show primarily for Charlie Sheen – the suave, good looking and unapologetically rude Charlie Harper is a delight. He drinks alcohol first thing in the morning and is a self-confessed womaniser, but he also has a large heart. He welcomes his younger brother, Alan and his dim-witted son, in his house though he knows they will never leave him. Charlie is unceremoniously dumped from this hilarious TV series in the later seasons and replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Though Kutcher is good in his own way, he doesn’t even come close to impersonating Sheen and his dynamic persona, if you know what I mean.

The Odd Couple: Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon have gotten together in this one of a kind comedy shows. Both friends decide to stay together after their failed marriages. Oscar (Perry) is easy going and slovenly, while Felix Unger (Thomas Lennon) is freakishly neat and organised. With two contrasting personalities, there are bound to be clashes which is what makes the show hilarious and worth watching. Perry, even after all these years hasn’t lost his magical humorous touch.

Man with a plan: Girls love Joey in FRIENDS for his unconventional good looks, personally speaking, I never found him appealing until Man with a plan happened. 25 years on with salt and pepper hair and slight wrinkles on his face, Matt LeBlanc is now my idea of a handsome middle-aged man. Adam is a father to three quite a handful children – he is old school but his feisty wife, Andi, handles all the situations preeetty well.

Seinfeld: Now, Seinfeld is the must watch TV shows of all time. Jerry Seinfeld is a stand-up comedian who makes funny observations about little things in life. He is backed superbly by his dysfunctional friends – Elaine, George and Kramer. As much as you love Seinfeld in the show, it is incomplete without Kramer and his eccentricities. He is a different species – he is something else that will make you hit him and laugh at him at the same time.

Young and Hungry: Hadn’t heard about it? Well, it doesn’t matter, now you know! It’s a comedy that doesn’t boast of big names or regular actors. Gabi is a personal chef to Josh, a young and dashing self-made multi-millionnaire. He is charming and sweet and in a drunken stupor end up sleeping with Gabi. Both try to keep their relationship strictly professional but they are not always successful at it and that’s where it gets interesting.

If you are feeling low or in need of a picker-upper, check out these 8 sitcoms I binge watch to feel on top of the world. These comedy TV shows work!! #firsttimemommy #bestsitcoms #besttvshowstobingewatchever #happytvshowstowatch #muchwatchtvshows

8 sitcoms I binge watch to feel on top of the world

There are many other happy TV shows to watch like Two Broke Girls, Modern Family, Episodes, How I Met Your Mother, but some how I don’t think about them even if I miss watching a couple of episodes. But these 8 sitcoms are the best TV shows to binge watch ever. So the next time you are feeling low or in need of a picker-upper, check out these 8 sitcoms I binge watch to feel on top of the world.

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  1. pythoroshan

    I haven’t watched Young and Hungry and Man with a Plan from this list.
    Some which i will recommend are the Grinder, Happy Endings, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock..

    • mammaspeaks

      Roshan, from your list I have only heard of 30 Rock…will look the others up on Netflix…thanks so much for the recommendation! 🙂

  2. Natasha

    HI Anshu,

    I ain’t much of a sitcom person. Not anymore. Yes, those days of binge watching Friends, Big Bang Theory, Sex In The City are far over. I hardly get any TV time, or I guess I ain’t so inclined to watch TV anymore. I love Modern Family and still grab a peek when the older one is watching.

    But I must admit the other day I watched an episode of the Exorcist series. Pretty neat I must say. Yes, I have thing for horror. :)))

    • mammaspeaks

      Hi Natasha, I agree time is a constraint, and these series do take up a lot of time. But one episode of FRIENDS picks me up like nothing else at the time of the day. The others I do watch from time to time.

      Modern Family – I hae seen a few times, but I guess Sofia Vergera’s nasal voice turns me off. 🙁

      I love horror too – I mean I am fascinated by this genre. Let me check this one out. 🙂 Thanks dear!

      • Natasha

        Guess I should also watch an episode or two to pick me up. Will do, once my Bai issue sorts itself. Lol!

        And I love Sofia Vergara! I love her rustic Spanish accent and the rest of the family; well they are the cherry on the cake! ?

        Try watching the American Horror Stories, pretty good too.

        And have you watched the Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody yet? If not, please do asap.

  3. Haven’t binged on sitcoms for quite some time. Tempted to after reading your post.

  4. Shewrites170

    Your taste in series is same as mine, the romedy genre. Happy to go through your ” to binge ” list. I would recommend full house, fuller house, 70s show and new girl to you. They leave the same feeling as those on the list. Hope you enjoy them ?

  5. I don’t watch much television but I used to love watching Dharma and Greg and Everybody Loves Raymond. I’ve watched most of the Mom episodes too on Amazon Prime. Thanks for the recommendations!

    • Corinne, I have enjoyed Everybody Loves Raymond and Mad About You (with Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser), but Dharma and Greg haven’t watched yet. Mom is an awesome series and I am actually sad to see a season end.

  6. Bbt and friends are like my go to dramas. I watch them over and over again. These days I like Brooklyn 99 and how I met your mother too. The characters are so funny… The jokes never get old.
    I will try to find the rest in netflix ?

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