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7 Foods That Really Helped My Baby Put On Weight and Get Healthier

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My baby weighed a whopping 9 kgs when she was 9 months old. However, she also began losing weight once she started crawling. Her reed thin body bothered me, especially because I had seen her chubby avatar…

I discussed this with my pediatrician. He reassured me that my child was fit and healthy, and many babies tend to lose weight when they start crawling. To encourage my little one to gain weight, I had to introduce the right foods in her diet. However, I also knew the alarming rate with which child obesity is increasing in India. Unhealthy and excessive weight gain can be harmful!

I have always been a big promoter of fresh, home cooked foods. I promised myself that I would give my daughter good foods to eat that would help her put on some kilos – but in a healthy manner.

I am sharing with you the 7 foods that helped my daughter put on weight and get healthier. If you too are concerned about your baby, I hope these super healthy, wholesome foods will come to your rescue.

#1: Paneer

I do not believe in giving my daughter cubes or slices of processed cheese. But freshly made home-made paneer is my go-to alternative and it really helps my little one put on healthy weight. Paneer is a rich source of animal protein and also has essential vitamins and minerals like calcium and phosphorus.

How to feed: I give my daughter 4-5 small cubes of paneer, slightly roasted in desi ghee. As per most experts, cheese can be introduced to your baby at about 7-8 months.

#2: Milk

Fortunately, my daughter always liked milk and drank it without a fuss. I never (till today) give her sweetened milk or any other milk powder, but just full fat milk from my neighbourhood dairy.

How to feed: My daughter has consumed 2 mugs of milk and a bowl of curd daily ever since she turned 1.

#3: Popcorn

This may seem a bit odd, but popcorn actually has a good amount of dietary fibre and protein which makes it ideal for a snack. Plus, as moms, we have to remember that foods can’t always be about fruits and vegetables; kids get bored after some time. So, I try to include interesting foods in my daughter’s diet to keep her happy about meal-times.

How to feed: I pop corn kernels at home in butter, salt and turmeric, and my daughter loves ghar ka popcorn! Whenever her little friends come home, I give them popcorn for snacks for healthy and guilt-free munching.

Note: It’s important to stay away from unhealthy, processed popcorn that has too much salt. Also, avoid this for babies younger than 3 as small pieces can be a choking hazard.

#4: Peanut Butter

Many kids do not like to munch on peanuts; the same holds true for my daughter. She cannot eat whole nuts…but she absolutely relishes home-made peanut butter. It is a great food for healthy weight gain in little ones.

How to feed: I generously spread peanut butter or strawberry jam (homemade with 1/3 the amount of sugar as available in the market and no preservative) on paratha or roti and give it to her in the morning for breakfast.

#5: Sukhdi

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