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7 Things Indian Society REALLY Needs to Stop Saying About Stay-at-home-Moms and Work-From-Home Moms

Being a mother in India is no easy task. If we go out for a job leaving kids at home, we are made to feel horribly guilty. But if we decide to give up high-flying jobs and stay at home only to be with our children, society finds fault with that too! Strange, isn’t it? Stay at home moms and work from home moms often get uncomfortable questions that are interfering, pointless and irritating. Enough is enough!

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Here are a few particularly sad things I have encountered on various occasions, and which still rankle me. I really wish people would be more understanding toward us!

1. What do you do all day? It must be so chilled out relaxing at home…

You seriously want to know? Well, I have a lounger at my place and I stretch on it to watch movies, munch on a giant tub of popcorn, and gulp down one beer after another. And, oh yes, I make my 5-year old daughter do the grocery shopping, iron clothes, pack tiffins, cut veggies and haggle with the fruitwala. Yes, that’s what I do all day! And, that’s how the 101 household chores are taken care of. You see, by magic!

2. What about your career? Don’t you feel left behind?

I am making one, and I am doing this from home, although it isn’t what I had planned initially. So what if I don’t have a fancy cubicle to my name, a team of members waiting for my instructions, or any corporate ladder to climb, I am still building a career. If it satisfies me, who are you to question?

3. Oh, you work from home. Do you earn enough? I mean, is it worth spending your time on?

Of course I don’t! And thanks so much for rubbing it in. I am nowhere close to what I earned earlier. But, listen, I made a choice when I decided to stay at home to be with my daughter. It was my choice to be there for her. I knew what I was getting into. And earning ‘enough’ didn’t top my list of must-haves. Also, I really don’t think I need to discuss my finances with the whole world!

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