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6 ways to take a mommy break without feeling guilty

Mother looking into the mirror and being happy after taking a well deserved mommy break

6 ways to take a mommy break without feeling guilty

This is a #momology blog hop in which you will read some awesome thoughts by some fabulous bloggers. Do check out Gunjan’s post, an ever smiling mommy of cute little cherub Tuggu in Tuggu and Mommy, and once you are done reading, hop onto Vartika’s Diary, a beautiful mother of cute twin girls.

I loved the sweet breath of my newborn, her soft down of hair and the pink candyfloss cheeks. As she is growing up, I like to tell her stories, braid her hair and talk to her nineteen to a dozen. But mommyhood is not only made up of candy sweet and frankincense moments, it has its share of ‘why did I choose to be a mommy’ moments too. There are times when I feel like throwing in the towel and shouting, “I quit!” But that’s the thing about being a mommy, you can never quit. However, to keep my sanity alive, I do take a mommy break from time to time. These are my moments and a way of saying, “I love and care for myself!”

However, before telling you how I take a mommy break, I should tell you the feelings that I went through the first time (and sometimes still do) I took a break:

Guilt: I am a mommy and I am not supposed to break free of my own flesh and blood. I am a bad mommy to leave my child. I stay away from my kids all day long, I don’t deserve a break. My husband works so much while I stay at home, how can I expect him to take care of my kids while I party?

Trepidation and worry: How will my child manage without me? What if she falls down and gets hurt? What if she doesn’t get food on time? What if she watches more TV than the specified screen time?

Jealousy: What if my child gets too attached to the caregiver? What if she forgets me in my absence?

Yes, as silly as these above-mentioned scenarios sound, they do happen. The only trick is to break free of them. You need to tell yourself – You are not a superhuman, you are not a machine. Even machines get a break. You need it, you DESERVE a mommy break!

So, here are 6 ways to take a mommy break without feeling guilty:

Go for a walk: Exercising is the first step in selfcare. Exercise makes your body stronger and disease-free. Yoga and meditation help cleansing your mind of negativity and make you a more positive soul. You feel refreshed and rejuvenated and can resume your responsibility with more energy and positivity.

Go for a short 15-mins jog or walk in the morning and evening or whenever you feel the going is getting tough. Instead of giving your child a Time-Out, I feel it’s better you take a time out and go for a walk. It will sweep away all the cobwebs of anger, frustration and pathos.

Pack your bag and take a hike: I like day-long trekking excursions in the lap of nature. Every step is focused on my survival and in those exhilarating moments, I am neither a mother nor a wife, I am just a living person.

If trekking and hiking are not your cup of tea, you can organise a fun day-long picnic or overnight trips. Take a solo trip – there are many groups who organise solo trips for women or form your own group of friends and explore a new place.

Create a kitchen garden: This will come as a surprise to most, but working in the mud releases all your stress. Plant your favorite herbs and flowers and see them growing like your own children, just little less demanding. ?

Caring for them, watering them, pruning them and seeing them bloom give you a new high, trust me! Oh, BTW, I talk to them too. I tell them about my day, sing songs to them and even encourage them to grow. And no, I am not a loony bin, it actually works. ?

Organise a girls’ night out: As much as I love my family, I need a healthy dose of my girl gang. Yes, they are my vitamin. While parenting demands of me to weigh my words before I speak and think twice before I act, being with my girlfriends help me cut loose of these self-imposed dictates of parenthood. I am just a girl who can talk freely and be silly. Meeting my girls for a movie or drinks is one of the best ways to take a break from mommyhood.

Take a coffee break: Now, we all don’t have time or resources to be able to take a full day mommy break. In such a scenario, short breaks help. When my daughter becomes too hot to handle, I leave her to whatever she feels like doing at the moment while I make some coffee or my special Indian spiced tea. I sit by my favourite spot – my window garden and literally smell the coffee. Sipping a hot beverage while taking in the greenery and fresh blooms calm my mind. If masala chai or coffee is not your poison, you can prepare lemonade, fresh vegetable or fruit juice or even a cup of green tea and take it to your zen place with a book of your choice.

Watch some idiot box: As much as I love reading, I love watching TV too, and my latest obsession is NetFlix. I have found so many unique drama, crime thrillers and sitcoms that it takes care of my midday blues. Whenever I need a time out, TV and NetFlix come to my rescue.

Listen to podcasts: Of late, I have started listening to podcasts. And I find them wonderful. Create a library of your favourite podcasts and listen to them as and when you feel like taking a break. You can find everything on there – from self-help and selfcare tips to inspirational stories, music, news and politics.

If you like listening to music, I find it is a wonderful way to clear up some head space and lift up your spirit.

How to get a mommy break in the middle of a day?

Fix at least a couple of breaks for yourself every day. It is just like how you schedule your child’s feed, you just need to schedule these breaks for yourself. Take a break when your child is taking his afternoon nap, watching TV, doodling, doing her homework or when she is in an extra-curricular class. Also, explain to your child the concept of mommy breaks and how important taking these breaks are for mommy – for her health. To a child of 5 and above, you can also ask not to disturb you during your mommy break. Believe me, they will understand.

Refrain yourself from checking your What’sapp or other social media handles, because it takes away quite a bit of time and you will realise your break is over even before you started doing the things you intended to.

These are 6 ways to take a mommy break without feeling guilty. However, this is what I do. You don’t necessarily have to do the same things. Find out what interests you, what calms you and makes you happy. It can be crocheting, painting, writing a journal, getting a mani-pedi or head massage or even tidying up your house. Everything is valid as long as it gives you a positive break from mommyhood and rejuvenates you.

Mother on a mommy break enjoying some time alone outdoors

6 ways to take a mommy break without feeling guilty

Mother on a mommy break enjoying some quiet time alone with a mug of coffee

6 ways to take a mommy break without feeling guilty









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  1. I like your idea of gardening and talking with plants. I do not have many plants at home so I guess I am going to do that. I am sure it will help.

  2. Nice tips Anshu. I always believe that we Mothers need a time-out not our Kids. #Momology

  3. Yes, sometimes we over-think and in that we tend to blame ourselves, get hard on ourselves. Growing kitchen garden is a great idea. I am planning to start during summer. Want to start with planting Mint.

    • mammaspeaks

      We are our biggest critics, Alpana! Yes, growing kitchen garden is like rearing your little babies and the best part is they don’t talk back! Ha ha! Thank you for reading my post dear!

  4. Watching the idiot box along with some hot maggie is what I do when I need some sanity back in my system. Thank god someone shares my ways! Enjoyed reading your post Anshu!

    • mammaspeaks

      Ha ha, agree Anupriya, that’s my idea of running away from home while at home, my panacea for parenting stress and anxiety. Hot maggie, all the better! Thank you for reading the post, dear!

  5. nice tips, yes we mommy’s at times forget our needs and that is what is needed to charge ourselves. Me too love talking to plants, and I try to play badminton etc with my kids, it makes me a child once again and gives a healthy break.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Pragun. Badminton, I used to love it and I agree it makes you feel like a child once again. But my daughter doesn’t know how to play, once she learns I am sure I will enjoy playing with her like you do.

  6. Hiking hmmm quite a different but wonderful idea to rejuvenate. Forget about the girls night out, I miss even the girls day out here…no such circle to hang around but it is indeed a perfect stressbuster. I would have included the same in my list too if I was in India.

    • mammaspeaks

      Oh Vartika, I can understand. It’s not easy to stay in a foreign country. I am so happy that you are such a positive person. 🙂

  7. Zainab Raazi

    Creating a kitchen garden has been on my mind always, but never seems to happen!
    ‪Thanks for taking part in #Momology! ‬

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Zainab for this wonderful blog train #Momology. Do try with a few pots and plants and enjoy tending to them. It’s fun and such a stress buster!

  8. I like your post very much. We mommies always choose our families happiness first and then ours. But when we are alone at home our mind starts to wander here and there with unwanted thoughts filling ourselves with negative energy. Nice post. I recently wrote on a similar topic, ‘Things to do when you are feeling lonely’.

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