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6 Tips to pick up a good summer camp

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Planning to enrol your child into a summer camp. Do check out these 6 tips for picking up a good summer camp:


With summer camps becoming popular, they are springing up just about everywhere; in nooks and corners, in schools and malls. So pick up a good one nearest to you, or else you will end up spending most of your time dropping and picking up your child.

Known place:

Summer camp is a lucrative business; so many people are coming up with their own activity camps. Pick up one which you know is good. Many kindergartens and day care centres also run summer camps in their premises after the school term ends. It’s advisable to put your child in his own preschool as he will be comfortable with the teachers already known to him. Also, kindergarten and day care centres staff are experienced enough to handle the camps and the kids.


Some summer camps charge abominably high fees. I wonder what special they teach or do. Treat summer camps as recreational centres. Your child is not going to learn anything extraordinary in 15-20 days. So spend money accordingly.

Age group:

Unlike schools, in summer camps there are kids ranging from various ages. Usually, they bracket kids from 2.5 – 5 years, 5-9 years and 9 – 14 years in different classes. But yes, your 3 year old will be in the same activity group as a 4 year old. So find out from the activity coordinator if your child will be able to cope up with the same activities that are designed for all. Because if not, your child might not enjoy and refuse to go to the summer camp at all.

Check out the branch:

Many popular summer camps operate at many places in a city or cities simultaneously. But beware, not all branches/franchises are as good. When I was looking for a summer camp for my daughter, there was this camp that I had come across which seemed to be very popular on the social media and with other mothers. But later I came to know that not all its branches were as good.

Activity schedule:

Summer camps usually share their weekly activity schedules with the parents. If not, ask them to share it with you. It helps parents to be informed about what their kid is going to learn next. Check out if your child will be interested in those activities. Many camps have this option where you can choose only the weeks where you find the activities interesting.

Hope these tips come in handy while picking up a summer camp for your child. Have a great summer vacation along with your kid!

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  1. Olivia Nelson

    I agree that you need to consider the age group of a summer camp before you send your child there. If they do not offer different classes for different age groups you would probably want to find the average age of an attendee. I’m looking for a summer camp for my son so I’ll have to check the target age group of any program I investigate.

    • Thanks Olivia for reading the post and responding. Loved your site, and the various summer camp programs. Wish you were in Mumbai too! Sigh!!

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