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6 ways to keep yourself young at heart

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As you age your face will get fine lines and wrinkles, the skin around your knees, elbows and neck will sag and your hair will surely start greying. You don’t have much control over your physical ageing. But, you still control your heart, and you can keep it young – forever if you want. Here are 6 ways to keep yourself young at heart.

  1. Talk to teenagers – If you happen to record your conversations with your friends, you will realize they are all the same. They either revolve around your kitchen, home décor, husband and kids. In other words – boring. No wonder, you look so old. Take a break and meet young people. Talk to the younger generation, it will open up your mind. Not only you will learn their lingo (be prepared for a deluge of confusing acronyms and their openness towards social taboos), but also what today’s youth thinks. Whenever I talk to my 15-yr old niece, I feel ancient. Seriously, world changes faster than you blink your eye!
  1. Laugh – We all know that laughter makes your muscles work, thereby increasing the blood flow around the face which makes you look younger. However, a good laugh also improves your emotional health. Read comic strips or sitcoms (I still watch one episode of FRIENDS or The Big Bang Theory every night before going off to sleep; it’s my recommended daily dose of happiness booze). Or talk to or get together with your old school friends and laugh yourself silly.
  1. Remember the good times – In all the years that you have lived, you must have built a bank of happy memories. Jog out 1 (may be more) happy memory every day and think about it. It will make you happy. There is nothing wrong in living in the past for a little while – it makes you feel young and carefree again. However, do make new happy memories every day.
  1. Take up a challenge – My mother in law learnt swimming at the age of 65. I know of another woman on the other end of 40s, who learnt to paint. Taking up a challenge, something that you have never done before or it has been ages since you last did it; be it crocheting, gardening, painting, dancing; engages your mind and gives it a boost of happiness. Why limit yourself only to hobby? Take up a cause – be it to educate less privileged children to spread awareness against tree felling or pollution.
  1. Act young (and silly) – Who says kids alone can jump on the trampoline? If you want to be happy like a child, then act as a child (minus the tantrums of course). Jump on the trampoline, play a prank, go on the merry-go-round, go commando under your skirt/dress and enjoy the secret, buy cotton candy or lick a huge scoop of ice cream without worrying about your waist line.
  1. Meet your favourite person – Make it a point to meet with your favourite person every day. If meeting is not possible, at least talk to them once in a day. When you are in the company of people who love you, it makes you feel appreciated, happy and young!

So, what do you do to keep yourself young??

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  1. rituprapanna

    These are great points, and I agreed that it all depends on our attitude and thoughts process, by doing these simple things we can feel young at heart at any age. thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading and appreciating the post! As I am approaching 40, I realized that I needed to change the way I thought. So started inculcating these habits!

  2. At 37, I can totally relate to the mentioned points. Infact my interactions with my toddler helps me stay young at heart. Very relevant points Anshu

    • mammaspeaks

      True Sonia, talking with kids really help you stay young and in touch with the fast moving world. Thanks so much for commenting dear!

  3. Loved it Anshu, relatable points. I am already practicing a few of these. It depends on how we take up the things in life, attitude and way of looking at the things, is all what matters.

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