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6 Times My Pregnancy Was Anything But The Happy and Emotional Time It is Supposed to Be

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Morning sickness

For me, pregnancy was like riding on a ferris wheel – sometimes you are up, and sometimes you come down. And how down! There were several days when everything seemed bleak, and I felt drained. It was hard to, on those days, feel remotely emotional or happy about what was to happen!

I want to share six times my pregnancy was anything but the happy and emotional time it is supposed to be. I am hoping my experience will help you feel comforted and that you are not alone in feeling this way!

#1: When every evening became puking time for me (yes, I escaped ‘morning’ sickness in this sad irony of life)

Morning sickness is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Firstly, why it is called morning sickness beats me, because it can strike anytime of the day. Also, people who say that morning sickness lasts only for the first 3 months should be shot. I was puking all the way to the labour room! Retching my guts out, all the time holding my belly in the fear that it is going to hurt my baby – let me tell you, it was not fun!

#2: When I had no food cravings at all. So much for the excitement that Hindi movies had built up in me

Being a Bollywood junkie, I have watched numerous movies where the pregnant actress makes her partner run at midnight to fetch a particular brand of ice cream or is caught licking pickles in the middle of the night. I wanted to have such cravings too. Sadly, for me, none of this happened. NONE! In fact, I was totally put off by food.

The good part was that I hardly put on weight. In fact, I lose 5 kilos in the first trimester! My doctor even threatened to put me on a drip if I failed to eat. During pregnancy, it seems that a woman must pile up some fat as it helps her recover better from the side effects of childbirth. But as for me, I didn’t even eat pani-puri (can you imagine!) once in the entire 9 months.

#3: That morning when my baby failed to move and I almost lost my mind with fear

In the last trimester, the baby moves and kicks all the time. To tell you frankly, it was the only thing that made me endure my pregnancy – it made me excited! But, one morning, I woke up with no movement. I fretted. Having already lost a pregnancy in the past, I didn’t want to lose another, that too so close to the delivery date. I called up my gynaecologist and made my husband read through the Internet.

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