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6 blogging mistakes I wish I didn’t make

Thinking of starting your own blog? Learn from my experience and mistakes for blogging success. Here are 6 blogging mistakes every new blogger makes while they start a blog!

6 blogging mistakes I wish I could have avoided as a new blogger

I don’t generally write on blogging tips, for it is neither my forte, nor my niche. However, after making so many blogging mistakes over the years, I felt I deserved the right to warn new bloggers on the block. I have been blogging for 9 years now. My parenting blog is in the 6th year and my fiction blog in its 8th. Before that I was on Blogspot or Blogger, I don’t even remember which one. So, yes, you can call me an old-time blogger if not a veteran. Having said that, you would think my blog has broken the Internet or is the go-to blog for all your parenting issues. No, nothing like it. It’s a humble blog with a few followers. I have made a few mistakes, and hence I am writing  on blogging tips for beginners to help you avoid them. 6 blogging mistakes every new blogger makes –

Thinking you can pinch money

There are many blog platforms that offer you free blog space. I was on free WordPress for 5 years. Wow, I saved a lot of money, didn’t I? Well, I was a fool.

Yes, free blogging saves you money, but it also costs your blog Big TIME! I will tell you how. With paid WordPress or self-hosting, you get access to many tools like better design quality, SEO, spam blockers and an option to run ads.

I can understand, you wouldn’t want to splurge when you are new to blogging and don’t know if you are serious about blogging or just testing waters. My advice is to not take a long time in deciding what you want to do. Three to six months should be enough to give you a feel whether you are cut out for blogging or not.

Even if you are on free blogging space, at least register a domain name, so that you get your desired domain and your blog is eligible for Domain Authority. Some brands ask for high DA before they give you paid assignments.

Thinking you will be a sensation overnight

Well, I actually thought that when I was launching my parenting blog, and say what, after 5 years, all my delusions have been put to rest, mightily. It takes a lot of time, patience and consistent effort from your side to make a successful blog.

Also, try to understand, it’s your blog, your baby and you are the only person who will be the most excited for it. Your friends and family will be happy for you and will read your posts too initially or through loyalty, but you can’t expect them to jump in joy every time a new post comes out.

So, be excited for your blog, love what you are writing and believe in yourself. Success will follow!

Thinking you can fly solo

This is a classic blogging mistake that most new bloggers make, I made it too. I thought I just needed to create beautiful and helpful content, and readers will flock over to my blog. Readers, did come, but they didn’t flock but trickled, sometimes 1, if I was lucky 2 and sometimes none. Yes, I just cared about writing posts, and not engaging with my community.

Result – I lagged behind. There are many bloggers who started years after me, but have successful blogs because they did what I didn’t. They built and engaged with their community regularly and thus increased their readership/followership.

Thinking niche blogging is not important

A very important blogging tip for beginners – it is that every blogger must find herself a niche. Click To TweetYou want to blog on parenting or book reviews or cooking, good enough. But in today’s blogging world where there are millions more thinking the same as you and are competing with you in the same space, how would you mark yourself different?

That’s where niche blogging comes in handy. When I began, I wrote on pregnancy, new baby care and toddler tips, because my daughter was small then. I wrote what I experienced on a daily basis. However, now I feel redundant. My daughter has grown, and I don’t have enough material or the willingness to write on those topics anymore. Also, there are so many new mommy bloggers who are writing on the same topics, and their content is more fresh and valid.

Hence, last year, I pivoted into health and wellness. Over the past 5 years, working out, eating clean and homemade food have become my passion. So, I thought to make my passion into my blogging niche. I know I should have done this sooner, but then you know, better late than never.

So, I would urge you to find your blogging niche. Cooking is good, but think more specific – can you blog on vegetarian, vegan or Keto recipes?

Thinking you can write whenever you feel like (and then not write for months)

We have all been guilty of making this blogging mistake. Initially, you are so excited with your new venture that you write and publish 2 to 3 posts a day (don’t roll your eyes, I have done that too).

But, as the initial fervour dies down, you don’t even feel like touching your laptop, let alone write a whole post. I call it blogger’s block. However, your blog has a readership and you owe it to them. And believe me, people forget you after a while. Yes, it’s a fickle world – out of sight means out of mind.

If you blog consistently and visit other blogs regularly, your blog ranking goes high, which helps your blog in getting the recognition it deserves.

My golden tips for such days/weeks

  • Whenever you are in writing mood, prepare a few posts together and save them for the rainy day.
  • Refurbish your old posts and repost them as new. I have started doing this recently. I have started revising my old posts (some 5 years old) which no one remembers, preparing new images for them and reposting them.
  • Still be active on social media, so that your followers and friends don’t forget you.

Thinking of monetizing too early

You won’t believe this, but I met a young lady executive in a mall yesterday. She helped me find a few products I was looking for in a particular aisle, and we started chatting. I told her I was a blogger, to which she replied, she was a YouTuber.

I was pleasantly surprised, a full day work at the mail plus a toddler at home, and she still managed to post videos. However, the next remark left me disappointed.

She asked me, “I want to monetize my channel. How do I?”

She had 2 videos so far and she was already looking for avenues to earn money. I told her to build some content and viewership before she could consider this step.

Much as we love blogging and putting our heart out there, we look for avenues to make some money out of it too. I was into my 3rd year of blogging when I actually earned some money from it. These days, the scenario has changed. Brands fiercely seek out good bloggers and shell out fat sums too.

My advice – First build good content, get some readership, prop up your DA and Alexa and then think about monetising. Click To Tweet

So, these are the 6 blogging mistakes I wish I didn’t make. Knowing them beforehand would have helped me tremendously and I would have been further in my game than I am right now. If you like these blogging tips for beginners, do give me a shout out!

Thinking of starting your own blog? Learn from my experience for blogging success. Here are 6 blogging mistakes every new blogger makes! #firsttimemommy #startablog #bloggingtips #bloggingmistakes #newbloggertips

6 blogging mistakes I wish I didn’t make as a new blogger

If you are thinking of starting your own blog, go through my post on blogging mistakes. It talks about 6 things a new blogger should know when they start a blog. #firsttimemommy #startablog #bloggingtips #bloggingmistakes #newbloggertips

6 blogging mistakes I wish I didn’t make as a new blogger

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  1. Some superb and valuable tips, Anshu. Till date, I consider myself a newbie as time and again I learn something new and this time I learned about refurbishing old posts into new.
    Rohan recently posted…Rage for CourageMy Profile

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Rohan for reading and commenting. I am learning everyday and that’s what makes blogging interesting. Of late, I have found that I don’t have the energy to come up with 10-12 posts in a month and there are so many old posts that need to be made upto date. So that’s what I am doing too – updating my old posts and tell you what, it’s so satisfying and fun at the same time. Good luck!

  2. Excellent points. I totally agree with all of them. And I’ve made most of these mistakes myself when I began… All of them, in fact.
    Roshan Radhakrishnan recently posted…Beyond the Myths: Life After Leprosy #LeprosyFreeMindsMy Profile

    • mammaspeaks

      Roshan, I guess all beginners make them as no one is sure what to do and how to do. The best thing is we learn from them sooner or the later. It’s the later which prompted me to write this post. 🙂

  3. Great tips there, Anshu. I write as a passion so have been on blogspot for almost 10 years now. I’ve been thinking of going self-hosted for a while now but have never gotten to it. About time, I think 🙂
    Soumya recently posted…Book Review: Everything I Never Told You – Celeste NgMy Profile

    • mammaspeaks

      Hey Soumya, thank you so much for reading and appreciating the post. 10 years is a long time, dear! If you are blogging regularly, do consider moving to self hosting. Yes, it costs money, but has many benefits too. 🙂

  4. Helpful post for me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Really helpful for me. Will keep these tips in my mind.

    • mammaspeaks

      Glad you liked them, Sonia. Yes, they will be useful – I have gone through them, and I am sure many other bloggers have undergone them too. 🙂

  6. How true!
    I was smiling and nodding my head at almost every point you shared here, Anshu. In the past few years of blogging, I have learned a lot, realised my mistakes and made many changes. And, it is now that I am seeing the fruits of my labour…slowly, but steadily.
    One thing I would like to add is that bloggers need to write in their own style instead of trying out something that is not their own. Write the way they speak, use language everyone finds easy to follow, refrain from using fancy words and write in a way that the reader is able to relate to everything you say. That is where most of us go wrong, and when visiting a new blog, it is the first thing one tends to notice.However, pointing it out to the blogger might not go down too well with the blogger and he/she might get offended. But, writing the way one thinks and speaks…naturally….is the best way to make sure your visitors come back to your blog every time you share a post.

    • mammaspeaks

      Excellent point, Shilpa. I agree with you wholeheartedly, as much as a blogger needs to write from the heart, he or she also needs to write in a style that is him or her. Imitating someone else’s style doesn’t work because first you might not be able to sustain something which is not yours and also readers are no fools – they will see through the sham. Write in a style that you are most comfortable in and also in the language which your readers can read and understand. No using fancy words or slangs – it puts readers off. 🙂

  7. These are some solid, and very valid tips, Anshu. Super helpful for new bloggers!
    Shantala recently posted…2 Book Recommendations to Start Your Year RightMy Profile

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Shantala, yes these tips are helpful as most beginners are guilty of making them, isn’t it? LOL..we learn the hard way! 🙂

  8. Ah, these are some mistakes almost every blogger makes in their initial blogging days. You have shared some great tips, Anshu. I am sure they will be useful to all the newbies out there 🙂
    Shalini recently posted…Mindrolling Monastery- A Photo TourMy Profile

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Shalini. Hope these are useful to the newbies and they don’t end up making the same mistakes as most of us did when we started blogging, takes away a lot of time! 🙂 Thank you so much for appreciating the post. 🙂

  9. I must admit, I don’t monetize, I don’t have a niche. Engagement though, is the biggest thing. It’s the one thing I’ve learnt and cherished in my almost 11 years of blogging.
    Sanch @ Sanch Writes recently posted…All of the thingsMy Profile

    • mammaspeaks

      Right, Sanch, not everyone blogs for monetizing. However, money or not, engagement should be there, and genuine too. 🙂

  10. Nice tips for new bloggers, Anshu. Thank you for sharing these tips from your experiences. I wasn’t aware you have been blogging for 10 years. You are a veteran, for sure.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…Thomas Wildus and The Book of Sorrows #KidLitBookReview 24My Profile

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Anamika. Yes, even I am surprised that I have been blogging for 10 years now but not much known. And that is because I have not interacted much with the blogging community, that’s one of my blogger mistakes. LOL. Glad you liked the tips. 🙂

  11. Excellent tips, Anshu! Most of us have made these mistakes as a new blogger. Most people jump into blogging as an easy way to make money; how mistaken they are! Networking is the basis of everything. I have a lot of good friends through blogging and I believe that’s my treasure. 🙂

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Vinitha and you are right. Blogging can earn you money if only you do it right. First concentrate on writing good content and creating a network of good friends. The rest gets sorted on its own. 🙂

  12. I have been there and done these mistakes myself. The biggest one being not opening up to the community. But better later than never. The other aspect is that not everyone wants to monetise their blog. After a couple of seasons of managing to keep the blog self funded, I have decided to change the course for my blog. LEt’s see how it works out.

    • mammaspeaks

      True Anupriya, not opening to the community has been my serious mistake too and I have been rectifying for the last 1-1/2 years. It’s getting better now. Not wanting to monetizing your blog is OK, but after a while when you realise that every other blogger is doing that, you want to do that too. Either you stay firm to your decision of not monetising or just jump into the bandwagon after giving it a serious thought on how you can earn through it. Good luck to you, I have seen when you work hard on your blog, it pays literally! 🙂

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