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5 Tips for preparing your child for the first day of school

5 Tips for preparing your child for the first day of school

Summer holidays, however long, are coming to an end. Whether you like it or not, the schools will re-open in a few days. And it’s a great time to prepare your child for the first day of school.

Your kid will cry, deny and may even throw tantrums at the prospect of going back to school. School means getting up early in the morning, no lazing around, getting ready in a hurry, homework and less time to play with friends. Yes, schools are boring. But your kid still needs to attend one, right?

Here are some back to school tips for parents and can make your toddler a little less apprehensive on his first day of school.

Start early. Start preparing your child for school over the summer. A week before the school is scheduled to open, start talking about it to your child. This will subconsciously prepare your child for the inevitable.

Share stories. Recount the stories of your school to your kid. I remember listening with rapt attention to my parents whenever they narrated some titbit of their school days; their mischief, their struggles etc. A parent’s past is quite fascinating for the child.

Excite him. Going to school is boring for your child. So you need to make the prospect of his going back to school an exciting one.

  • Buy new school bag, water bottle, lunch box, stationary and uniform.
  • Excite him about going to a new classroom, and meeting his classmates and teachers.
  • Talk to him about the different snacks that he will get in the school.

Use bribe/reward if you must. Well, I am not very proud of it but sometimes you have to take a call as the situation demands. First few days of the school are the most difficult for a child. If he/she gets ready on time, doesn’t show crankiness, reward him with a chocolate or his favourite biscuit. Or a sticker on his hand. But this is only for the initial days. It needs to stop once your child falls into the routine and starts enjoying his school.

Drop and pick up: Your child has been inseparable from you these past couple of months. He’s bound to experience anxiety in leaving you. So it’s better if for the first few days you drop your child and pick him/her up from the school. He will love that extra time with you. And I am sure you will love that too.

Hope these 5 tips for preparing your child for the first day of school help you.

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