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5 Things to remember while conceiving a baby

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5 Things to remember while conceiving a baby

Three years into our marriage and we were still not prepared for a baby. I guess I might have already mentioned this earlier that we were not ready for conceiving a baby. But later, when I felt like having a child, my husband was still in the denial zone. Nothing worked; my sweet talks, serious discussions, or threats. So I finally took him to my gynaecologist to see if she could talk some sense into him. I don’t why but I had faith in her.

She said, “You are 30, young and healthy. There’s no reason why you can’t start your family now.”

When I told her the actual problem was not ‘can’t’ but ‘won’t’, she understood and simply said, “You may not be willing to start a family now but within a few months, you might feel like doing it. So why not stay prepared for the eventuality.”

And she gave us some tests to run, advice on lifestyle and eating habits. Eventually, my husband came around. These are 5 Things to remember while conceiving a baby:

Body tests

She conducted a physical examination and asked us to run some tests for:

  • Blood haemoglobin count
  • Follicle Stimulating Hormones (FSH/LH)
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid profile
  • HIV (don’t be scandalised. There’s nothing wrong in it; after all it’s your baby we are talking about)
  • Thalassemia

Eat right

I started taking care of my health; made sure I ate right, healthy and nutritious foods. So that meant cutting back on alcohol (not that I was a compulsive drinker, but somehow it made me leave my occasional cherished wine too). My husband had quit smoking long time back. So at least, I was relieved on that score. I also started taking folic acid to reduce the risk of neural tube defects the day my husband gave me his go-ahead for planning a baby.

Fitness comes first

How to get pregnant fast and easy? It’s easier and faster to conceive if you are healthy. Also, a fit body accepts the changes owing to the pregnancy better. A very lazy person before, I started visiting the gym more frequently and taking my work outs seriously.

Ovulation cycle prediction

I visited my GYN to predict my ovulation cycle. It helped us to be sure of the exact dates I was ovulating. Though I had watched many a times, Monica in the American sitcom Friends using ovulation predictor kits to determine her ovulation cycle, I don’t know why I didn’t try one for myself. Maybe they weren’t available then or maybe I didn’t find out hard enough. But now the ovulation predictor kits are readily available and you can know when you are ovulating sitting in the comfort of your home.

Stay pressure free

Fortunately in our case, nobody knew of our intention of starting a family. So we had not additional pressure from the family and friends. It helped a lot. But yes, we were ourselves under tremendous pressure to start the family right away. Though we conceived on the first time, it doesn’t always happen that way. And you have to be patient about it. Sometimes, it happens on the first go, sometimes months and sometimes years. Planning is fine, but remember, a baby won’t always fall in with your plan. Whatever you do, try to enjoy the baby making process.

So these are 5 Things to remember while conceiving a baby. What about you? What measures did you while conceiving a baby?

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