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5 natural remedies you should carry while travelling

Instead of medicines for motion sickness, upset stomach, constipation, cold, fever, carry natural remedies. 5 natural remedies you should carry while travelling. #firsttimemommy #naturalremedies #homeremedies #travelailments #traveltips

5 home remedies while travelling feat

During our recent family trip to Europe, we tried something new. Instead of carrying medicines for motion sickness, upset stomach, constipation, cold, fever, loose motions, we carried natural remedies. I strongly believe in the power of kitchen remedies, and it was a good opportunity to reiterate my faith in them. Do you think we made a very bold decision? Let me tell you the kitchen remedies we carried and how they could be useful for major travel ailments. Here are 5 natural remedies you should carry while travelling:

  1. Turmeric: The wonder spice, turmeric is the best natural remedy you could carry while travelling. If someone catches a cold (most people do when they travel overseas due to change in climate) or has a sore throat, just add a pinch of turmeric powder in warm water and ask them to drink.
  2. Ginger root powder (Sonth): You will have to try this in order to believe its benefit. Now, carrying ginger root could be cumbersome, so instead, take this dry ginger root powder. It helps with upset stomach, motion sickness and common cold. Boil water with this powder and sip slowly. Add a dash of honey if you feel it’s too strong for your taste.
  3. Triphala Churna: As the name suggests, it’s a combination of 3 fruits – amla (Indian gooseberry), harad and bibhitaki. When we are travelling, we often experience indigestion and constipation. Triphala churna can definitely come to our help in such situations. Triphala is a natural treatment for constipation. Take a teaspoon of triphala powder with warm water before meals. For kids, mix it with honey to make a paste.
  4. Rock salt (sendha Namak): Another brahmastra, rock salt improves digestion. If troubled with sore throat, dry cough or tonsils, dissolve rock salt in water and inhale steam. If you get muscle cramps, mix a spoon of rock salt in water and sip slowly. If you are unable to sleep or feel stressful, take rock salt baths.
  5. Ajwain (Oregano): A regular fixture in Indian cuisine, ajwain relieves stomach ache, gas and flatulence. It controls acidity, relieves headache and migraine. It also helps in cold and cough.

So these were the 5 natural remedies you should carry while travelling. Some people also carry cloves (for toothache and bad breath) and fennel seeds (for digestion and as a mouth freshener), it’s up to you. These 5 natural ingredients cover all the major travel ailments, won’t you now agree with me? So the next time you are travelling, have faith in the old traditional Indian spices and herbs, they have been used since centuries for a reason.

Kitchen remedies to be carried while traveling for example at Eiffel Tower or in Europe

5 home remedies while traveling

Herbs and spices from the kitchen that can be used as medicines while traveling

5 home remedies while traveling

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