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5 Lessons I Have Learned From My Child

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When I first held my tiny newborn in my arms, I experienced such an overwhelming rush of emotions that is both overwhelming and yet at the same. As I touched her tiny pink fingers, I resolved to teach her all the fine things of life and to raise her to be a good human being.
5 years later, my daughter has turned into a confident social person. She is a person in her own right and I am proud of her. But, what I am more proud of is the 5 lessons that I have learned in the 5 years of parenting that have changed my life and made me a better person.
1. Live in the present 
Like most people, I worried about tomorrow. What will happen tomorrow? We hoard things and money for tomorrow, and in the process do not enjoy TODAY. But, my daughter lives in the present. She wants her chocolate now, she wants to play today and she wants to open up all her gifts today itself. Even when I tell her she can have an extra hour of play the next day because it’s her holiday, but she won’t listen. Tomorrow is a concept she doesn’t understand and believe in. All she has is today, and she wants to make the most of it. That makes me realize, “Why do I fret about tomorrow? Who has seen tomorrow? All I have is today!”
2. Forgive and forget 
The other day, my daughter came back home all upset. On inquiry, I came to know that she had fought with her friend and they said kitta to each other. For those who do not know, kitta in kids’ lingo means ‘we are not talking to each other’. However, the next day, when I took her down to the park to play, she met her friend and they both hugged as if yesterday hadn’t happened. There was no more talk of kitta, and everything was resolved with no sorries, no hard feelings or anyone’s pride or ego getting hurt. If only we can be so flexible and easy going with our own relationships!
3. Do not clutter your life
Like all parents, I like to spoil my daughter. So she has many toys, books and clothes. But, surprise of all surprises, she isn’t bothered with the numbers. She is happy wearing the same red frock that she loves, every day (that is a different story that I don’t let her).
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