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5 things I do for my health and wellness besides exercise

A healthy and fit woman sitting on a rock looking at the sun

5 things I do for my health and wellness besides exercise

5 years ago, I started working towards a healthy lifestyle. I joined a gym thinking it would take care of my health and wellness. Yes, regular gymming did help. I felt stronger and better. However, I realized that gymming was not the answer to my health woes. Lifting weights increased my muscle strength and running or cross training improved my heart rate, but it did not take care of my hypothyroidism. I still take thyroxin every morning without fail. Exercise and Yoga made me feel better and happy, but it did not help with my weight loss. So, you see, exercise is not the answer to all your health and wellness woes.

You need to put in some more effort to take care of your health and wellness. These are the 5 health and wellness tips that will help you:

Go for regular check ups

Getting your blood sucked is not any one’s idea of fun. But, if you want to prevent diseases or spot them in time and keep yourself healthy, it’s the thing to do.

I get my thyroid levels checked every 6 months. A little variation in thyroid levels can lead to insomnia, constipation, fuzzy feeling, cramps, weight loss/gain, swelling, etc.

On an annual basis, I get CBC, Creatinine, Liver function test, Vitamin B12 and D3, Lipid profile.

No, I am not a hypochondriac, but my doctor recommended I take these tests once yearly and I comply. For the last 7 years, neither my thyroid dosage has changed, nor I have seen any difference in the blood reports, but I still take these tests religiously.

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I take these reports within a week to see my physician and he adjusts my thyroid dosage if need be and prescribes me according to my reports.

Take vitamins

I take calcium pills once a day prescribed by my doctor and I take it without fail. And not surprisingly, I also take a Vitamin D3 sachet once a month. Believe me or not, a large population of India is Vitamin D3 deficient, in spite of being a sunshine country. The reason – we hardly expose ourselves to the sun.

Believe in Ayurveda

I take allopathic medicines when it comes to Vitamin D3 and calcium, but I am a big believer of Ayurveda. I don’t pop pills just for a headache, indigestion or cold. I believe in kitchen remedies or Ayurveda herbs.

Firstly, I believe in boosting immunity. So, I drink Tulsi water every day, have ginger and other herbs like triphala churan on a daily basis.

I don’t have headaches; I have had 2-3 in my 40 years of life. I am not boasting, people, this is how it is. However, when I have had this pounding feeling in my head, I did nothing. I fixed myself a green tea with ginger. And that helped.

For indigestion because this is something I do suffer from, I reduce dairy and have this homemade mixture of fennel seeds – caraway seeds – rock salt.

For cold, now, let me see the last cold I had was in June, 2016. For the common cold, I just take the steam inhalation (both via nostril and mouth), do salt water gargle 3-4 times a day and sip hot water or this Ayurvedic concoction (kadha) made of turmeric-ghee-salt-water. It works like a charm, especially if you have phlegm.

To keep the body cool, I consume basil seeds and to warm the body, I consume ginger, pepper, gaund, etc.

Take care of my food intake

Health and wellness for women is one of the most painful topics. While women take care of their kids, family and household like a witch with a magic wand, somehow when it comes to their health and nutrition, they tend to overlook it.

Here are a few things I do:

Drink juices

The more raw foods you consume, the better it is for your digestion. However, I cannot chew bowls after bowls of salads. Hence, I juice vegetables and drink daily. It helps me take care of my vegetable requirement.

Eat protein

Being a vegetarian, I have limited protein food choices, but they are still there. I consume curd/buttermilk/paneer, dals, sprouts, egg white omelette, protein shakes on days I do weight lifting in the gym, etc.

Consume fiber

Did you know only vegetarian foods have fiber? Fiber helps in bowel movement, however, if you have fiber in your diet, you need to drink more water to mobilize it. I take psyllium husk, 3-4 times a week. It’s a natural, soluble fiber and helps with constipation, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and weight loss.

So, these were the general health tips, but in good health, a good and peaceful mind also plays a very important role.


Meditation has benefitted the mental health of people since time immemorial. It benefits me too. As I observe the flow of my breath and notice the sensations that my body feels, I feel more connected to my senses and become more conscious of my feelings. Why I feel anger, sadness, guilt and envy? I introspect.

It doesn’t help me get rid of these feelings, but makes me conscious of them and how as a person I react to them.

I don’t gel well with some people, but it doesn’t mean, I have to hurt them or let them hurt me. We all can co-exist without hurting each other.

It helps me to be at peace with myself. The biggest learning – I don’t have to be happy with someone or the world, I have to be happy with and within myself. #learning #meditation #introspection Click To Tweet

These are the 5 things I do for my health and wellness besides exercise. And I feel strong, healthy and happy. Hope these general health tips help you as they help me.

A healthy and fit woman sitting on a rock looking at the sun

5 things I do for my health and wellness besides exercise

Two women are happy and fit

5 things I do for my health and wellness besides exercise

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  1. Rana

    Really I love this awesome guide. I love this article and with my heart I really love this guide.

  2. Your posts are always detailed & class apart, Anshu.

    Love how you’ve explained that healthy lifestyle is not just about gymming, low calories & green tea.

    • mammaspeaks

      Hello Ashvini, thanks so much for appreciating my efforts.

      I was myself under this wrong impression for a long time, so had to bust them. 😁

  3. Eve

    Well said. I think nowadays people often associate exercise with being healthy but it isn’t just that. I remember my uncle telling a story of his friend who was super fit and worked out regularly only to experience a sudden heart attack and die on the spot.

    • mammaspeaks

      Agree with you eve. Thin doesn’t mean fit, the same way just because you exercise doesn’t mean are 100% disease free. You have to exercise, eat well and stay calm.

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