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5 home workout essentials that can fit in a cupboard

Yoga mat one of the 5 home workout essentials that can fit in a cupboard

5 home workout essentials that can fit in a cupboard

Most people think that building a home gym requires money and a lot of space. If you are thinking treadmill, spinning cycle and weight lifting machines, then yes, you do need a bigger space. However, if you want to be fit and strong, you can be even without these machines. All you need are a few home workout essentials. And they won’t either break the bank or take up the whole apartment.

I work out in the gym. I had earlier written about 7 gym bag essentials. However, on those when I don’t visit the gym, I workout at home. And these are the workout essentials for home that I use. Here are 5 home workout essentials that can fit in a cupboard:

Yoga Mat

A good yoga mat is the first home workout equipment essential. You can use it not only when practicing yoga or Pilates, but also while doing pre or post workout stretches.

Mats are made of sticky synthetic material that offers extra grip to your toes, fingers and hands and help prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself. It also gives you extra cushioning on hard surfaces like tiles or hardwood.

Choose a good quality yoga mat based on material and thickness.

Free Weights

Dumbbells are versatile and offer you a great strength training workout. While with free weights, you can target a single muscle, with a combination of moves, you can even work out large muscle groups and increase your heart rate.

I would recommend hexagon dumbbells with black rubber coating for grip, comfort and longevity. Buy dumbbells in 1kg-5kg for different exercises and level of strength.

Similarly, ankle weights and wrist weights increase the level of resistance and help in burning more calories and toning up the muscles.

Kettle bells can prove to be another useful addition to your at-home workout essential collection. They add challenge and variety to your workout routines.

Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is not only for kids. It offers a fantastic cardio. Jumping rope tones your arms, legs and shoulders. Get a wire lightweight rope and make your home workout count.

Resistance Bands

They might look like innocent elastic bands, but believe me they stretch every muscle more easily and better than you think. The more you stretch these bands during a workout, the greater levels of force they apply making your workout more challenging. These bands are not only used for strength training, but also in rehabilitation of muscle injuries.

These bands come in different tension levels, so you can purchase them according to your degree of strength. You will find many videos on YouTube for workouts using resistance bands.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers unfortunately don’t feature on top of the home workout essential checklist, but I will tell you its benefits and then you can decide for yourself. Foam rolling gives you a deep tissue muscle massage or myofascial release. Myofascial release is the application of low intensity force to soft tissues over a long period of time.

It helps the contracted muscles to relax, improves blood flood, improves movements, gives a better range of motion and decreases injury risk.

These are the best home exercise equipment for beginners as well as for pro if there is a space crunch or if you are building a home gym on a budget.

For the next level of home workout essentials, you can think of buying a medicine ball and an adjustable step board. Medicine balls is a great tool for core strength training and stretching. While adjustable step board can help you with a great cardio workout.

Yoga mat as one of the 5 home workout essentials that can fit in a cupboard

5 home workout essentials that can fit in a cupboard

A woman lifting dumbbells as a part of her home workout

5 home workout essentials that can fit in a cupboard

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