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5 guilt-free break from work ideas for work from home moms

Take a guilt-free break from work to learn and relax. Here are 5 guilt-free break from work ideas for work from home moms. Take a guilt-free break from work to learn and relax. Here are 5 guilt-free break from work ideas for work from home moms. #breakfromworktips #workfromhomemoms #productivity #firsttimemommy

Work from home mom taking a break from work

One fine morning, you feel lethargic and out of sync. The very thought of rebooting your laptop and writing a post or creating content makes you cringe. You need a break from work, even though the weekend passed by a couple of days ago. Yes, work from home moms need a break too from time to time. I have seen many work from home mothers working through the weekend, not to mention they handle family and home responsibilities too, no wonder they experience a burn out at the end of the month.

So, take a break from work and relax. An off day in the middle of the week can actually help you recharge your batteries, come back to work with renewed enthusiasm and vigor, and elevate your productivity.

However, if you feel guilty about not working on a weekday, here are 5 guilt-free break from work ideas for work from home moms. You will learn and relax at the same time.

However, before I give you break from work tips, let’s see what you should do:

Things to keep in mind before you go on a break

Evaluate your submission deadlines. If you have committed submissions to your client or agency, you just can’t pause your work. You have to be strategic about your work. See if your submission can be delayed by a day. If it’s not urgent, your client wouldn’t mind some delay, especially if you talk to them about your condition and always submit your work on time.

Now let’s get to those break from work ideas for work from home moms:

Work from home mom taking a guilt-free break from work with coffee and books

5 ways to take a break from work guilt free

Sign up for online courses

This is what I did. I took a break from writing for nearly 3 months (I know, I know, that’s quite a long break, but being a blogger with self-imposed deadlines, I could afford this long a break). My heart was just not into it. So what I did meanwhile? I signed up for an aromatherapy course on Udemy and read up on Naturopathy, nutrition, Ayurveda, etc.

You can take your day off from writing to brush up your writing, language or grammar skills or sign up for an online course which may or may not be related to your field of writing and learn new things online.

The important thing is to learn – knowledge always come in handy.

Indulge in reading

If you are a blogger, you can take the time out to read articles or other blogs. Not only this exercise keeps you connected with your community, but you also get fresh ideas for blog posts or content creation from reading. I get a lot of my blog ideas from reading other blogs.

Note: Do not forget to enter your ideas in a journal or into your blogging excel/word file to come back to it later. I keep an excel workbook which contains my blogging ideas, the dates on which a post is going to publish, blog post link once it is published, etc. I am quite organized that way 😊

Reading can also be taking up a long-forgotten book. During such a break from work, I usually read a book and take pointers which can be later turned into a book review.

Dive into social media

Social media is a veritable maze and once you enter, the chances are you might get lost in it for hours. But on days when you are prepared to take a break from work, it might be a good thing to dive into it headlong.

Connect with fellow bloggers, dig out what’s current and happening in the online world, find out about blog hops, twitter marathons, Instagram giveaways and enter into contests which are in your niche and interest you enough to participate.

It will help keep you on top of the things and tell you what, social media always gives me an inexplicable high! I have made many friends on social media, and if you are genuine, you will find people are genuine too.

Meet with other bloggers/writers

Connecting with writers or bloggers and exchanging ideas can be actually good for your work. On your off-days, organize a meet with fellow bloggers, do coffee or lunch and let the ideas flow. These ideas can be the foundation of your blog posts, articles or content for your client work.

Declutter and organize

Well, you know me by now, and my penchant for decluttering and organization.

I have written a post on 10 simple questions to help declutter your home. If you like decluttering or would like to try it, do read it.

And if you can declutter your home, you can declutter your workstation too.

My days in a corporate job where we had a clear desktop policy has taught me to keep my laptop clear, however, when I go deeper, I find there are numerous files in the folders and I have no idea how they came to sit there.

The day you don’t feel like reading, writing or staring into space, you can do what I do too.

  • Look through various folders and files on the computer
  • Keep the ones that are important
  • Rename them appropriately (naming convention is important and saves you precious time in looking for things in a large folder)
  • Put the files as per category, use and relevance. For example, I have a mother folder called Blogs under which there are three folders – one for my parenting blog, the other one for my fiction blog and third one for pictures. Under the pictures folders, I have again two folders for my parenting and fiction blog.
  • Remove duplicate files or files which are not of use anymore
  • Empty the recycle bin

I also delete mails in the mailbox, star-mark the ones which either I wish to reply or awaiting a reply and put mails into folders if they are recurring mails and important.

This decluttering and organizing makes me feel lighter and calmer. Lesser the junk on your workstation, the better you feel. Try me.

This is how I take a guilt-free break from work, but still optimally use my time. What do you do on your off-from-work day? Care to share some break from work tips?

Work from home mom taking a guilt-free break from work with coffee

5 ways to take a break from work guilt free


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