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4 Unexpected Situations With Your Baby When Only Baby Wipes Can Save The Day

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newbFive years ago, when my daughter was born, my mother got many suitcases full of baby things for my newborn. This comprised clothes from 0 to 3 years, diapers, rattles, toys, blankets, bibs, shoes, woolen clothes, baby gym, bather, and some gold jewellery. There was one more item in the list – and this was baby wipes. I had especially asked my mother to get these.

When the entire lot had been arranged in the bedroom, it looked like my newborn trousseau. One of the elder ladies of the family, who was visiting us at that time, remarked:

“What are these wipes for?”

“To wipe the baby’s bum or face!” I replied.

“We never had these things. We used only plain water. That was sufficient for our babies. Fancy things mothers use today!”

I just smiled. I was neither in the mood nor in the position (before the entire family) to argue. However, inwardly, I thought: if only you had these lifesavers back in your time! On a serious note, baby wipes can really save you from any tricky situation you come across with your baby. In my experience as a mother, I have faced some unexpected situations when baby wipes saved not just me, but others too!

Feeding time is fun

One day, I was feeding homemade cerelac to my daughter in a moving car. By the time I had finished feeding her, she was a mess. There were bits of food not only on her face, but also on her hair and eyelashes! We were on the expressway, and my husband didn’t want to stop. So, I just took out the Baby Dove babycare wipes that I always travelled with, and cleaned her face, hair and eyelashes with them. She was squeaky clean and happy in a matter of minutes.

Pooping time is a no-mess time

This happened when I was attending my cousin’s wedding in Delhi. It was bitter cold, as Delhi winters usually are. During the ceremony, my 3-month old daughter pooped. The ceremony was in an open ground, where the restroom facilities are always questionable. I didn’t want my precious daughter’s precious bum to touch cold and dirty water from questionable sources.

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